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Mistress Windy Whispers

BDSM Dungeon Raleigh, NC

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Explore Your Fetish

What you can expect from Me

  • Leadership, Guidance, Training

  • Professionalism

  • Communication

  • Discretion

  • Simple and clear instructions

  • Strictness, high expectations for submissives

  • Attention-to-detail bondage

  • Punishment when you mess up

  • I will play conservatively until I know you are ready to advance. You must convince me.

Play Time

This is not a menu nor is this all-inclusive. There will be bondage in EVERY session. Our session is created on our common fetish interests. You do not get to pick and choose what you want.

Fetish Scene

  • Medical Play/ Naughty Nurse

  • Religious Role Play Nun Fetish

  • Tickle Torture

  • Office Roleplay

  • Fantasy Wrestling

  • Interrogation

  • Latex Rubber

  • Abduction Roleplay

  • Sissification/ Forced Feminization

  • Foot Fetish 

  • ABDL, Littles, Age Play

  • Prisoner Transport

  • Pet Play: Pony, Puppy

Bondage Options

  • Leather Restraints

  • Latex Vacbed

  • Strait Jackets

  • Arm Binders

  • Leg Binders

  • Leather and Rubber Belts

  • Mummification

  • Vertical Bondage

  • Suspension Rig

  • Psychiatric Restraints

  • Metal Bondage

  • Rope

  • Sleepsacks

Welcome to:

House of Whispers

Mistress Windy Whispers Femdom Estate

FemDom Estate

Private Lakefront Kinky Playspace Venue in Raleigh, NC


Address and parking info will be provided after vetting is completed and session has been booked. For general purposes:







  • SUNDAY - SATURDAY 10:00AM - 9:00PM

All Levels of Experience


  • What you see on porns or read on the internet is probably NOT what you are capable of achieving without extensive training. Have realistic expectations for yourself.

  • Safe Words: Red and Yellow

  • Hard Limits

  • Medical Conditions

  • Triggers/ Past Abuse

  • Eat something light before our session so you don't pass out

  • Take your regular prescribed meds as directed

  • If something doesn't feel right, let me know ASAP IE dizzy, nausea, numbness

  • Not allowed to be Under the Influence of any substance during our session

Dungeon Tour

Let me show you my extensive BDSM collections of:

  • Collars 

  • Nipple Clamps

  • Cock and Ball Torture

  • Steampunk

  • Tickle Torture

  • Electro Stim

  • Sensation Play

  • Leather Bondage

  • Military memorabilia

  • Cosplay

  • Sissification Station

  • Chastity

  • Hoods: Leather and Latex

  • Harnesses

  • Strait Jackets

  • Wrist and Ankle Restraints

  • Suspension Restraints

  • Gags

  • Dildo 

  • Transport Bondage

  • Metal Bondage

  • Medical Bondage

  • Latex Rubber

  • Medical Play

Marble Surface

Raleigh, NC Professional Dominatrix


Mistress Windy Whispers

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I want to give you a little taste of my world: surrounded in beauty, free from problems, immersed in heightened senses, drowning in euphoria. I can guide you to subspace, if you let me take control for awhile. Follow my instructions, relax your body, and open your mind. I'll fill your thoughts with my wishes and desires. You'll want to please me because good subs get rewards while disobedient subs need stricter training.

I am prior military so my leadership style is brutally honest, simple, and direct. I believe in proper training. I am over 6'2 foot tall with heels. You will find it easy to find your place beneath me. I am passionate about BDSM because I know it provides an outlet for people. Your fetish is not going anywhere and neither am I. Take your time, make sure you're ready. 

  • Medical Play

  • Latex Rubber Leather

  • Forced Feminization

  • Slave Training

  • Chastity

  • Erotic  Hypnosis

  • Tickle Torture

  • Heavy Bondage

  • Degradation, Humiliation

  • Edge Play

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Queen Kat Krush

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Right-hand Woman to Mistress Windy Whispers. She keeps your session running smooth and effortless so I can spend my time and attention on you instead of running around preparing equipment, toys, and gear. She assists in ALL sessions for safety, efficiency, and maintains infection control of our toys.

  • Corporal Punishment

  • ABDL Mommy   

  • Fetish Esthetician

  • Rope Bondage Expert

  • Med Play Naughty Nurse

  • Rubber Nun "Mother Kat"

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