Adult Baby Diaper Lovers

House of Whispers BDSM Dungeon Raleigh, NC

Mommy Play that lets you feel cradled, safe, and loved

This childlike mindset subspace is liberating from the responsibilities of an adult world. This "little space" makes room for true play and cuddling which creates an innocent, happy space.

What Is AgePlay?

Age Play, in general, is a form of roleplay between consenting adults, in which one or multiple individuals act a different age than they actually are. AgePlay can have a sexual component, but it doesn’t have to. Most commonly, people take on the role of a younger person, but there is also elderly role play.

Little's Play Area in Raleigh Dungeon

Adult Babies or Littles

refers to one person impersonating a younger self, or alter ego. This doesn’t have to be a baby but can be any developmental stage: from baby through to toddler, elementary school, high school 

Diaper Love

 is the fetish side of ABDL: Being sexually aroused by wearing, touching or seeing a diaper. Some adult babies have a diaper fetish – some don’t. As with all things kinky, the spectrum is very wide. Some people enjoy wetting their diapers, others don’t 

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