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The testicles are a common target on a submissive's body for a Dominant, as they are the center of a man’s sexuality. The importance of the testicles for sex and reproduction, and the thought of nullifying these sex organs, can be very arousing for a Female Dominant.

Ball busters generally enjoy the power they feel when bringing a submissive man to his knees. It takes very little stimulation for a ball buster to dominate a man, and this ease can bring them great pleasure and amusement.

On the flip side, men can also take pleasure from the vulnerability they feel when being ball busted. They appreciate the power that a Domme can have over them, and may even become aroused at the mere thought of a Mistress busting their balls. Because of the power exchange that occurs during ball busting, this practice can be an effective way to reinforce the roles in a BDSM relationship.

Endorphins released during the pain of ball busting can also create a sexual high, especially if the man is already aroused. In some cases, a man will ejaculate during ball busting.

 Many people who enjoy ball busting have a masochistic streak, while men who are ball busted often have a fetish for shoes, boots, feet, or legs.

Ballbusting  is a general term for any type of cock and ball torture involving the testicles. Ball busting can consist of actions such as squeezing, tight binding, and striking of the testicles, using the hands, feet, or torture aids such as paddles, whips, floggers, humblers, and other manmade devices. 

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The biggest concern about ball busting or trampling is doing it safely as not to cause permanent damage or extreme pain.  Genital areas are extremely sensitive and need to be handled and interacted with with care.

Whenever we engage in any type of impact play, we have to take special care to make sure that our PLAY does not permanently or even temporarily cause us physical, psychological, or emotional harm.

Intensity: As with any impact play, start softer and work your way up. Go slow and give time to recover between blows. 

  1. Mild Ballbusting: slaps, whacks, or pinches

  2. Moderate: kicks, knees, punches


Angulation: Whereas when you’re getting kicked in the balls, the angle is important because different parts of the foot will hit different parts of the balls. For instance, if you get hit with the toe, it’s going to hurt a lot more than the arch of the foot.

People should exercise caution during trampling, particularly if the sub is lying on their stomach. The spine is fragile and can be fractured or broken during trampling, particularly if the dominant partner is wearing high heels.

Weight Distribution: Proportions matter

Advanced: High heels or stilettos are sometimes part of the fetish. But if you’re wearing them, you have to make extra sure you’re balanced, and the heel doesn’t puncture anything or press too deep into the tissue etc. It’s definitely NOT recommended for beginners!

Aftercare: Ice the testicles immediately after ballbusting or trampling session to reduce swelling. Tenderness, slight swelling, or bruising is normal for a few days afterward. It’s quite normal to experience a dull and painful ache in the testicles afterward, or as we like to call it ‘blue balls’, but this shouldn’t last for a prolonged period of time after our session has ended. If pain persists, or you notice any abnormalities, contacct us immediately.

Common injuries as a result of CBT include abrasions, bruises and small cuts. In time these will heal, but it is a good idea to  apply some antiseptic cream to cuts to avoid infection.