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Clownification: The act of slowly turning into a clown, or becoming one whether you like it or not. You can be defined with big funky hair, a red nose, big floppy feet,, a lot of make up, a horn to honk with, a small car to fit in with your other clown buddies, and overall you have a crazy appearance.

Sploshing: a sexual fetish that involves smearing the body with wet and messy substances. The most common substances used during sploshing are food items, including whipped cream, chocolate sauce, custard, cake and condiments

Wet and Messy Play (WaM):  sexual arousal by or interest in seeing others or being smeared and covered in messy, wet, sticky, or gooey food products or liquids.

The process of transforming into an airheaded slut, perfectly happy to be used and degraded.

Dollification is a sexual fetish where the submissive is 'transformed' into a doll through makeup, mannerisms, or even plastic surgery. The doll-like partner enjoys being toyed with while the Domme is aroused by the control that they exert over the doll.

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