Degradation Humiliation

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spitting fetish
boot licking degradation
slave training foot worship
forced feminization


  • Humiliation is the mental feeling that causes embarrassment from things that other people do to you – like having people laugh at you or getting naked in front of others


  • Degradation is the physical act when you try to dehumanize someone to a lower standing by making them do something that goes against their values or beliefs such as act like a piece of furniture or lick your boots.


Types of Humiliation:

Verbal refers to a consensual demeaning of the submissive used for embarrassment

Physical physical acts which help a dominant partner assert power over their submissive

Erotic  involves  verbally or physically humiliating a person during a sexual act. It can be an emotionally intense feeling that causes great source of pleasure for some people

Degradation Examples
ask permission to do anything and everything
Blackmail role play
Cuckolding- Make the sub watch the Domme having sex with someone pointing out how he’ll never be as good as the other person
Wear a paper bag over your head
Good, old-fashioned spanking
Sleep on the floor
Forced chastity – roll some dice to see how long you must go without an orgasm
No longer allowed to use the pronoun “I”, rather a demeaning title like “this slut”
Face slapped
Spit on
Get ignored
Beg for something
Hold a sign saying something embarrassing
Act like a child and get treated accordingly
Ask salesgirl at makeup counter for recommended lipstick shade. Put on lipstick and go out wearing it
Take series of embarrasing selfies and Domme will keep pics
Receive a degrading nickname and answer to it moving forward
Get Urinated on and have to “wear it” for a while
Eat off the floor
Get covered in pudding, whipped cream, condiments, or other sloppy foods
Wear a slutty French Maid outfit and clean dungeon or house
Wear high heels
Dress and act as an animal
Wear a diaper and suck on a pacifier
Penis humiliation
Speaking is not allowed, only grunting or use sign language (in public this is fun)
Awkward or strange masturbation methods – like humping a pillow or into food
Eat from a pet bowl or the trash
Be confined in a cage displayed to the “world”
Lick the Domme’s boots or heels clean
Become Our piece of furniture such as footstool, coat rack, or chair
Eat your own cum after an orgasm
Write insulting names or phrases on your body with a permanent marker
Wear nail polish or get mani/pedi
Shared for sexual gratification with My girlfriends or other kinksters
Sing a song or dance to a song for Our amusement
Share something embarrasing about yourself so We can all laugh.
Sit down to pee for 24 hours
wear alot of feminine deodorant or perfume for a day
Shave off or get waxed to remove all body hair
Wear panties and a bra under your clothes.
Wear an embarrassing outfit and take a selfie inside Wal-Mart
Buy a bikini and get a tan while wearing it
Get tied up outside and left there for a designated period of time.
Wear a smartphone-controlled sex toy (like a butt plug, cockring, or prostate massager) when you go out and We'll set it off whenever We wish.
Wear a chastity device under clothes when you go to work
Go to the grocery store and buy the largest cucumber or eggplant you can find and a bottle of lube
Force a male sub to wear slutty women’s lingerie (force cross-dressing).
Go out with no underwear beneath your clothing.
foot worship



SLAVE TRAINING – Teaching them to perform certain acts


PUNISHMENTS – Correcting unwanted behavior  


PLEASURE – Some people enjoy the act of humiliation or degradation


BDSM GAMES – Adding these as part of a game situation can add an extra layer of chance, anticipation, or anxiety.

Verbal Humiliation Examples
Physical Humiliation Examples
Erotic Humiliation Examples
Forcing the submissive to only use animal sounds such as , meow, neigh, oink
Kneeling, kissing feet, eyes and head lowered
Orgasm Control
Scolding the submissive for being "bad"
Perform specific rituals like greet Dominant when they enter the room in a certain way
Have the submissive speak in a different tone of voice or volume, such as using slutty voice, whispering, yelling
Objectification or human furniture such as footstool, chair, table, ash tray, or toilet
Sexual servitude
Requiring submissive to request permission before a certain task such as using the bathroom, achieving orgasm, eating, showering, going to bed
Perform acts of servitude such as being a maid, getting everyone snacks or drinks, foot massages
Negative comments about the sub's physical appearance or personality such as fat, tiny, ugly, stupid, or racial slurs
Manipulation of the body such as setting a dresscode like forced feminization, wearing only lingerie to bed, pantyhose to work daily,
Small penis humiliation
Being called derogatory names such as pet, bitch, dog, whore, slut, boy, girl, slave
Particiapting in degrading activities such as being spit, urinated, or ejaculated on
Public nudity