Degradation Humiliation

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  • Humiliation is the mental feeling that causes embarrassment from things that other people do to you – like having people laugh at you or getting naked in front of others


  • Degradation is the physical act when you try to dehumanize someone to a lower standing by making them do something that goes against their values or beliefs such as act like a piece of furniture or lick your boots.


Types of Humiliation:

Verbal refers to a consensual demeaning of the submissive used for embarrassment

Physical physical acts which help a dominant partner assert power over their submissive

Erotic  involves  verbally or physically humiliating a person during a sexual act. It can be an emotionally intense feeling that causes great source of pleasure for some people



SLAVE TRAINING – Teaching them to perform certain acts


PUNISHMENTS – Correcting unwanted behavior  


PLEASURE – Some people enjoy the act of humiliation or degradation


BDSM GAMES – Adding these as part of a game situation can add an extra layer of chance, anticipation, or anxiety.

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