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Domina Diabla

African-American, Ebony Queen in Raleigh, NC

"Beautiful, fierce, smart, educator, loves to have fun,

in-charge, sexy, undeniable"

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I am Domina Diabla, Black Mistress of Fetish, Humiliation, and all things “kinky”. I am a woman that’s naturally dominant, confident, charming, and intelligent. I have a college degree in psychology, so I’m educated in human behavior and mind, yet always learning something fascinating about it.

Anyone can put on a sexy, tight outfit and buy a whip, but it takes a real professional dominatrix to gain control of the mind and body. I enjoy the control and power I wield over my submissives. I’m energetic, strong, assertive, and entertaining. As in my vanilla life, I take charge of any situation, completely honest about what I want and what you’ll give me. I do not waver. I don’t switch. I don't negotiate. When I say something I mean it. When I do something I perform it with flair, accuracy and an important motive: to be pleased, which will please you. I am the definition of a dominatrix, and you will feel it when I enter any room.

Ebony Domina Diable teacher roleplay

My submissives are as their names suggest: they submit their body and mind to me and I take control of the kinks we share. They allow me to dominate the scene that I put together. We communicate what we like and if it matches up, that’s what we do. I do add a few new things to what fetishes we depict together to keep things fresh and push their limits. The subs respond in an invigorating, cathartic, and utterly-satisfying experience they will never be forgotten. And if they should try to find another domme, they will constantly be compared to me. Yet, they will never find one quite like me.


Domina Diabla

Hard Limits


No scat play.


No bare facesitting or nude body worshipping.


No mind-altering substances allowed during our session including smoking of any kind, alcohol, or inhalants.


There will be no sex of any kind. You will not be able to touch me during our session, but I can touch you.


No Fart Fetish


No Smoking Fetish


21 +