Dominatrix Academy


No upcoming events at the moment

Mistress Windy Whispers is looking for a devoted female submissive. Please let me know if you are interested.


  • 21+

  • female identification all ways

  • Local and Loyal

  • No Switches or Brats

  • Flexible schedule to be available when I am

As a Professional Dominatrix and Head Dungeon Mistress, I know the importance of safety, discretion, infection control, and professionalism. Before a Female Dominant touches a submissive, it is imperative to learn BDSM fundamentals.


I want to teach women how to harness their superpower in a safe and fun manner. Every woman is different and unique; I want to help you cultivate your own likes and skills and embrace your inner Mistress.

Communicate your needs and wants. Men want to please you, it's up to us to show them how. Women are powerful multi-taskers who manage careers while running the household. Learn how to apply those same management skills into relationships. You deserve to be worshipped. You are a Goddess.

Knowledge = Confidence. Confidence = Power.

Dungeon Apprenticeships are open for discussion with Head Mistress Windy Whispers upon completion of both Domme Training Courses. 

Part 1

1. Professionalism, Respect, Communication, Proper Etiquette

2. What is BDSM?

3. Consent: Contracts, Safe Words, Hard/Soft Limits, Medical Limitations

4. Safety and Infection Control

5. Health and Hygiene

6. Professional Dominatrix Legal Info

7. Submissive Discipline, Training, and Punishment

8. Dungeon Tutorial: furniture, equipment, rules, behaviors, etiquette


Part 2

1. Types of Fetishes

2. Corporal Punishment

3. Bondage

4. Nipple Play and CBT

5. Sensation Play and Edging

6. Medical Play

7. ABDL and Littles

8. Sissification

9. Chastity and cuckolding

10. Anal Play

11. Degradation and Humiliation

12. Pet Play

13. Latex

14. Feet Worship, trampling, ball busting



Training Requirements:

  • 21+

  • Must identify as Female (Transgenders Welcome)

  • You must be open-minded, non-discriminatory to others

  • Professional= Punctual, zero tolerance for tardiness

  • Multi cultural, diverse ethnicity, and all ages 21+