Goddess Koco Meow

Hedonistic Tantra Coach

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As an intuitive tantrika, sensual bodyworker, fetish aesthetician, and sexuality educator, I believe in the erotic power of mind, body, and spirit. I’m trained as a licensed aesthetician, and have circumnavigated the globe studying erotic arts, culture, and sexuality. As a public figure, I speak about the erotic as a tool for liberation, healing, and manifestation. Each session is spiritually anchored to enhance your erotic intelligence. I curate sessions with nuance, discipline, and intentionality; providing a space where you can explore open and honestly.

Sessions with me will enable you to fully explore hedonism; experiencing your potential to the fullest. Trusting your energy to activate you in love and intersectional mindfulness. Tantric coaching will equip you with the tools to explore mindfulness in your everyday life, without reservation. This is about your transcendence and innate power unfolding before your eyes.

Elevate your FREAKuency with Goddess KOCO

Fetish Aesthetician

Tantra is a slow, meditative journey of sexual discovery through spiritual connection and body awareness

Bondassage is an ecstatic exploration of the senses through light bondage, massage, sensory deprivation, and sensation play

As a fetish aesthetician, you can have a beauty ceremony where your skincare/waxing, and bdsm needs are fulfilled in a spa-kink atmosphere. You can pair bondage with a spa facial, hair removal, or experience bondassage.


Bondassage sessions are all about trusting embodied wisdom. These sessions pair light restraint and sensory deprivation in a sensual sequence that leaves you feeling spiritually healed, empowered, and rejuvenated.

Sensation play is the cornerstone of my sessions. As a sensual sadist, sensory experience varies from sweet to intense; the fluid momentum encourages you to breath deep and get a clear understanding of your personal boundary work. I believe in erotic sovereignty and the sexual healing that surfaces with consensual bdsm & kink. 

Sultry Feline

As a pet play handler, I have experience with: pups, ponies, alley cats, kittens, and mystical pet play with centaurs, fairies, and unicorns. Furries are welcome, I’ve got something special for you! My Furry Fantasy package comes with a discount code to shop at Early 2 Bed (https://www.early2bed.com) sextoy store.

Hard Limits


No Scat, Underage, or Animals


No Race Play


No Fluid Bonding


No Blood Play


-Ass Worship, Ass play, ABDL

- Breast/nipple play, Breath play

- Cock and ball Torture,  Candle Wax, Cocks

- Facefucking, Femdom, Fisting, Flogging


- Humiliation

- Lingerie

- Massages, Masturbation

- Nipples, Nudity

- Orgasm Control

- Pet play, Prostate Massage, Pegging

- Roleplay

- Sensation play, Sissification, Spanking, Sensual Domination, Spiritual BDSM, Suspension Bondage, Sadism



- Many more..

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