Medical Play Fetish at House of Whispers BDSM Dungeon

Medical play often involves an intimate examination, where the dominant partner performs quasi-medical procedures on the submissive patient. The patient is often restrained, gagged, stripped naked, or dressed in a patient gown.


The examination may involve handling of the genitals and breasts, or the insertion of objects into various orifices. The objects may be heated or frozen to reproduce the sensations experienced during a real medical exam.

I have recently expanded my med play collection extensively. I have a very large glass cabinet full of stainless steel hooks, clamps, probes, rings, speculums, and many more tools and instruments.

I have real hospital restraints and 5 different types of strait jackets including neoprene, 2 leather, latex, and canvas.

Specimen Collection

Forced Orgasms are necessary sometimes when we need to collect a specimen or observe a reaction to a certain stimulus. Forced Orgasms may or may not be pleasant to the patient; that is not our primary concern.

Naughty Nurse

Medical Play Fetish Raleigh FemDom

Medical play may appeal to submissive partners since it picks up on the vulnerability they feel when they're sick or hurt. During medical play, submissive partners might also endure tests which may be painful or humiliating, while trusting that their doctor knows best. Dominant partners also enjoy medical play because it puts them in control of their patient's pleasure, and in some cases, their pain.


I only do male urethral sounding. It's a very intense sensation. It doesn't hurt, although it does look scary. My stainless steel rods are sterilized are lubed up and inserted into your penis. It's like "being fucked from the inside".

Needle Play

needle pin cushion

Needle play is an endorphin rush. It's like going to the chiropractor for those who enjoy it. It's a game of how many needles can we stick into one body part.

strap on harness Mistress

Strap-on play is a common part of this type of examination. Naughty nurses tend to get a little excited and have to let off a little steam sometimes with their patients.

Sponge Bath

Sponge bath

Dirty patients get sponge baths. We are very meticulous with our scrub downs. We scrub every inch of your body to make sure you are clean inside and out and have a variety of sponges that we like to use.


med play cupping

Cupping is a form of sensation play. It is erotic because is suctions to your body, especially if I place it on near erogenous zones. Medically, cupping can be used to increase circulation in an area or smooth out a tight muscle.

saline infusion fetish

Saline can be infused in a large amount via an IV bag or smaller amounts through syringes. Saline can be used for scrotal inflation or breast enhancement, both are which temporary. Saline absorbs into the body in 24-48 hours.

Mistress Windy Whispers Latex Med Play F

Naughty Nurses love to play with male patients prostates.  We love to milk prostates. We also love to use toys on patients including probes, plugs, dilators, hooks, dildos, and even our fingers, and sometimes our fists. At our dungeon med play clinic, we even have a special milking table and a milking machine that will suck you dry.

Mistress Windy Whispers Latex nurse

It's important to maintain a sterile environment. We can go all out with latex, as far as you want to go. Click HERE to read what I have and we can incorporate latex into your med play session.