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Medical play often involves an intimate examination, where the dominant partner performs quasi-medical procedures on the submissive patient. The patient is often restrained, gagged, stripped naked, or dressed in a humiliating costume.


The examination may involve handling of the genitals and breasts, or the insertion of objects into various orifices. The objects may be heated or frozen to reproduce the sensations experienced during a real medical exam.


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Medical play may appeal to submissive partners since it picks up on the vulnerability they feel when they're sick or hurt. During medical play, submissive partners might also endure tests which may be painful or humiliating, while trusting that their doctor knows best. Dominant partners also enjoy medical play because it puts them in control of their patient's pleasure, and in some cases, their pain.

Saline Infusion Fetish- get large balls or boobs

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Needle Play

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While the patient/doctor scenario is one of the most common in medical play, it is not the only option. Sometimes medical play will also experiment with steamy relationships between doctors and nurses, or a naughty patient taking advantage of a naïve candy-striper.

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Strap-on play is a common part of this type of examination. Medical sex toys like Wartenberg wheels and speculums may enhance the examination. The examination may culminate with an enema or the masturbation of the submissive patient. 

Prostate Play

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