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Mistress Windy Whisper's
Online Female Domination Sessions 


Online female domination session requires tribute


FemDom school sissy training


Online sessions require communication, planning, and preparation. 

MEANS: Request what communication works best for you via videochat, phone, messaging app, or text. Contact info will be exchanged and and session will be scheduled after tribute is received.

PREP: You will need to fill out contact form and pre-pay for your online session. It is  a scheduled appointment. We will provide you with a list of items to have on hand, based on your fetish interests.

SCHEDULE:  Your online session must be scheduled in advance based on our mutual availability.

Interested in an online session with Mistress Windy Whispers?

Online Female Dominatrix
Online Domination Services at Raleigh Dungeon House of Whispers

covers aprox 30 min phone chat


Consultation or Fetish Discussion

If you are new, u7nsure where to start, or have questions, a consultation is required. Let's discuss your fetish interests so I can get to know you better. I want to understand your fetish interests; open yourself up to me. Let me get inside your head.


Virtual  keyholding. Consultation required and weekly fees apply. You must have your own well-fitting, approved cage and a wifi lockbox controlled by Mistress Windy Whispers. There are so many benefits to chastity! Click here to find out more. 

Forced Feminization

Let's form a plan to make your transition permanent

  • Dress-Up

  • Gurl Training- walking, talking, makeup, etc

  • Shopping

  • Hormones

  • Doctor Appts

  • Slut Training

  • Punishment

Cock & Ball Torture

Many household objects make fantastic CBT items. We will send you a list of items we would like for you to have ready for our session. We can instruct anywhere from  light ball abuse to complete cock agony. Each scene is different but CBT options include instructing subs to punch themselves, tie up their balls, write our name all over their cock and balls, swing entire 5 lb weights from their cock, drip melting candle wax onto their balls, clothespins attachments, etc. Options are limitless, creativity is fueled by inspiration.


  • Videochat through Skype, Facetime, or Google Duo

  • Phone chat

  • Text

  • Kik

  • Email

  • Tech Domination- security, surveilance, monitoring, control

  • Blackmail (consensual)

  • Financial Domination

  • Sissy Tasks

  • ABDL Virtual Babysitting

  • Zoom Office Roleplay

  • Teledoc Chat with a Naughty Nurse



You know that your partner deserves to e pleased sexually, but you are not capable of doing so. Perhaps you have already entered a cuckolding arrangement with your partner or you suspect her or having one behind your back. Let's discuss all the options of you being a 3rd wheel cuckold for your worthy partner.


This is one of our favorite things to do! It's so entertaining and amusing to us and provides such an endorphin rush relief for you.

  • Small penis humiliation (SPH)- I LOVE making fun of tiny clits on a stick!

  • Laughter is the best medicine- I want to to laugh at your expense and also invite my girlfriends in on the party. If we are not laughing, then something's not right!

  • Dress-Up

  • Decoration

  • Public Humiliation

  • Verbal Insults

  • Options are limitless

Slave Training

Respectfulness, following directions, and good communication are the foundation of being a good submissive. Some of you need a lot of work before you get in my presence. Letting go of control is the hardest part, trusting someone new sometimes takes time to build a relationship. If you do not pass my initial vetting process, then you will need slave training if you wish to be seen in-person.

Financial Domination

Consult Required on what this will include