Pet Play Fetish

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Animal play allows participants to break free of their human existence and take on another personality. Some enjoy the sensory pleasures of animal play, such as being petted or held, while others feel a spiritual connection to the animal persona they take on. Others enjoy the power exchange that occurs during animal play, and the way that this reinforces the dominant and submissive roles in a BDSM relationship

As House of Whispers, we are animal lovers. Both Mistress Windy Whispers and Mistress Blaze work with animal rescue groups and provide foster homes for abandoned cats and dogs. 

Entry-level animal play may involve imitating the sounds of animals, crawling about on all fours, being hand fed or petted, or wearing a collar.
Bathroom control: Your Mistress will potty train their beloved pet by forcing them to use a litter box or puppy pad rather than a human toilet. restriction of their pet's movements by keeping them in a cage or off the furniture or
pony pet play fetish cage confinement
Pony play is a BDSM activity involving role play with one participant playing the role of pony and their partner acting as their rider or trainer. The focus of pony play is on the treatment of the pony, the pony's actions, and the pony's mental state rather than appearing as a pony. The pony is often two-legged. Bit gags, bridles, hoove boots, saddles, whips, harnesses, and butt plug tails are all available to complete the pony look.
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Pet Play Puppy
Training: Your Mistress will restrict their pet's movements by keeping them in a cage or off the furniture. She might want to teach them tricks through reward incentive or punishment consequences.
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Puppy play refers to sex play where the parties involved recreate the roles of a dog and its owner or trainer. The dog is usually played as a puppy that needs care and attention. Men and woman participate in puppy play because it can be a fun way to show playfulness and affection.

I (Mistress Windy Whispers) like this blog comment: "I'm a pup. When I meet a "handler"—someone who prefers the domimant side of the scene—I bark, wag my “tail,” and (if he'll let me) bury my face in his crotch. This is me in my "pup" headspace. When a guy scratches my head and says “good boy,” he’s in his “handler” headspace."