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3 Types of Masks Worn at House of Whispers Raleigh Dungeon

NC state currently requires that everyone wears masks when social distancing is not allowed. In accordance with state regulations, we want to provide the safest environment possible for us and you. Each client is unique and we will take each session into consideration and discussion.

We have several types of masks available to be worn by us Dommes or the sub clients. Masks can be easily incorporated into the session and we will look and feel powerful, confident, sexy, and in-control.

My new favorite is hospital mask for us and duct tape gag for you. This is easy to do, safe for both of us, and disposable after the session is complete. Medical roleplay is a fetish; although not for everyone.

Another option is a plaque doctor mask for us and a latex hooded mask for you. This adds a little sensory deprivation combined with med play.

A third option for mask-wearing during a session is wearing gas masks. I have several to choose from depending on head size. This combines steampunk style with breath-control edge play.

We take everyone's safety into highest consideration. All of us House of Whispers Dommes have been healthy, no one has been sick. I have not heard any of my clients sick, nor do I know anyone that has gotten sick. I don't want to be an asymptomatic carrier and be responsible for getting anyone sick, so we will continue to comply by state's guidelines.


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