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ABDL's Come to Mommy

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

At House of Whispers, we enjoy playing with Age Players, Littles, and Adult Baby Diaper Lovers.

We understand Littles like to be nurtured and cherished yet require discipline and guidance. We offer a playful session in a safe and discreet environment where you are free to be yourself. Although every Baby is unique, we know what you need and want. For us, being a Mommy is the highest form of respect and authority. Mommy's LOVE their precious little babies.

What to Expect during a session:

Diapers (if you're into that), we have some, but you are encouraged to bring your own cute, size-fitted diapers, as well.

Toilet training- we only do potty training, no poop/scat. Potty training will be discussed and planned on individual basis.

Baby clothes- OMG, there are so many cute adult baby clothes. I've seen snap away jeans, and shorts, onesies, pj's, pull up shorts, t-shirts, dresses, and diaper covers. Bring what you have and we can decide on your baby outfit.

Baby furniture- at our dungeon, we have couches to snuggle, a big crib, a swing (overhead suspension rig), diaper changing tables, and time-out chair. I want to get more baby furniture..

Toys and Games- the options here are endless. We love to be creative and come up with new games depending on baby's abilities. We enjoy bean bag toss, finger painting, stack the cups, dress-up, and more. Sometimes, if you're a good baby, Mommy will show you some of Her favorite, special toys, as well...

Punishment- Nobody likes a spoiled and whiny baby so discipline is important. Our punishments are individually based and spontaneously created but can include spankings, time-out chair or cage, scolding, wash mouth out with soap, taking away privileges, and much more.

Rewards- include affection, praising, cuddling, stuffed animal play, coloring, spending time with Mommy, toys, games, lollipop, juice, etc.

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