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Beginner's Guide to Enemas

Once Again, Let me Make this VERY Simple and VERY CLEAR

Prior to anticipated ass play, it is common courtesy, to flush out using an enema. Here is preferred method that you flush out prior to a session.

Fleet's Enema Flush Out prior to Ass Play
Mistress Windy Whispers Blog for Flushing out Prior to Ass Play

Disposable Fleets Enema at the store: fill this up 3 times (warm sink water refill) and squirt this into your rectum before expelling contents into toilet. Repeat this process at least twice until everything

This is a reusable bulb syringe. Same concept as Fleets enema.

Shower enemas work best. You can just hook these up right in your shower and use them freely as needed. I realize these are not as discreet as some people need, but these are thorough.

Colonic Enemas are professional services provided for invasive colon hydrotherapy through a google search in your area for Fisting Size Queens.

I am NOT a fan of starving yourself or fasting. I don't want you passing out on me! If you have questions, please ASK ME.

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