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COVID 19 House of Whispers Infection Control

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

Infection Control Procedures are strictly adhered to at House of Whispers in accordance with CDC guidelines for Outpatient Settings. Please note- it is NOT rude to inquire about infection control policies before or after a session.

1. Staff Training and Awarenesss: Head Mistress Windy Whispers is currently dual certified in the healthcare field, attends annual training on OSHA, infection control, and Advanced CPR certification course. Proper training and mindfulness is reviewed with all the Dommes; we hold ourselves to the highest standard of care.

2. Hand Hygiene: We wash our hands frequently using antibacterial soap and water. We also use alcohol base hand sanitizer, as recommended by CDC and WHO.

3. Universal Precautions: We use multiple pairs of disposable gloves with every client. We also use disposable Chux pads to minimize client contact with surfaces. We have masks and lab jackets, if needed.

4. Environmental Cleaning: Routine ​cleaning and disinfection of environmental surfaces is conducted with an EPA regulated disinfectant spray recommended for healthcare settings. Common areas such as door knobs and bathroom services are additionally cleaned by an housekeeping service.

Mistress Blaze running UV Sterilizer at House of Whispers Raleigh Dungeon

5. Sterilization of Reusable Items: Our sterilization process consists of multiple steps to ensure highest level or infection control.

Wash all toys with antibacterial soap and water

Soap in ultrasonic antimicrobial solution 24-48 hours.

Rinse with soap and water, bag each item in individual sterilization pouch. Then place pouch in high heat steam pressure cooker to run 30 min at 244°F with a pressure of 10.2-11.6 psi

Then place pouches in UV sterilizer at 190°F under blue UV light for 60 min.

We are now implementing disposable single-use gags. Don't complain or you can bring your own!

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