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Dark Odyssey Winterfire Review from Queen Kat Krush

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

Queen Kat Scratch Pad.. You never know where life brings you. My sexuality and how I relate to others has grown my personality into a dominating force. I am amazed at the ease of stepping into a role that demands respect and others are willing to give their all for your pleasure.

 In recent weeks I had an amazing adventure to Maryland for a kink festival. My Domme sisters, a submissive of Mistress Windy's and I took a road trip to Dark Odyssey Winter Fest in Baltimore. It was a chance for us to bond and grow together as The House of Whispers. These woman have become my friends as well as my sisters.

I had never been to Baltimore. Its a beautiful city full of ornate architecture. The streets are narrow but the city, at least what I saw is nothing like what I had imagined. It only made the trip a more memorable one. The host hotel for Dark Odyssey was a magnificent 1920's era building with grand staircases and huge chandeliers. A hotel grand enough for The House of Whispers. Baltimore will never be the same when we are done.

Dark Odyssey was the largest kink festival I had ever attended. The knowledge that i was exposed to was on an epic scale. It opened my mind to endless possibilities. Dark Odyssey consisted of workshops, demonstrators, vendors and play parties galore. There was just not enough time or me to go around to get everything done that  I wanted. Information and sensory overload has commenced.

Valentine's Day, the day of Love is the first day of Dark Odyssey Winter Fest 2020. What better way to celebrate but with a workshop on "Squirting" or " Female Gushing." with a demonstration. Can you even imagine my excitement? Seats on the front row of this presentation was a definite must. The second workshop, I attended was on male chastity. A cute chubby submissive that wore my little pony leggings taught class. His knowledge and humor made the idea of your submissive wearing a chastity device comical in a sadistic way. I really like that idea. (Sinister Laugh). The third workshop on my agenda was on Erotic Hypnosis. I found this class interesting on an intimate level. Erotic Hypnosis is an intimate process that  should be explored with a more intimate partner or with someone you have explicit trust. I can see a hot scene with a willing submissive just by planting a few well placed words. Purr for me kitten...nothing like hearing a grown man purr.

The one demonstration in the main ballroom that had the crowd a buzz. It was an intense needle scene with genital mutilation. You could feel her whole body pulsating from the intense pain. Her body draped in a fucking swing, legs spread open ready to receive each needle until she shakes and slips into subspace. Needles follow along the lips of her pussy with chains spreading her delicate lips apart.  Epidural needles are inserted through her Mons pubis, needles through her clit, forehead and throat, and the use of scissors cut slit into the folds of her. Her Master whispers in her ear as the other two work on their masterpiece for us to enjoy. I admire her. I know what it takes to pull something of that intensity off. Its not for the weak.

The vendors are a wonderful group of people. Their quality is shown in their products. You become friends with most of them and look forward to seeing them at events throughout the year. Picking up a new toy at an event makes the toy even more special, that goes for Dominatrix wear also. I picked up a cute long black cloak type cape that's form fitting made out of the wet type material. Can you say, "Bad Ass"? A great addition to my closet.

The Grand Ball Room was the main stage for the nights festivities. The center of their room had beams set up for suspensions, side rooms consisted of wrestling mats, St Andrews Crosses, spanking benches, massage tables, cages, beds, if you can think it. IT WAS THERE. Lights were flashing, music playing like you were in a club getting ready to dance the night away. But the Fuckery only begins when the sun goes down. I'm dressed in my new Domme wear and the other ladies of The House of Whispers are looking just as fierce. We commanded attention when we entered. The Head Mistress with her submissive on a leash and her House have arrived at Dark Odyssey bow to us bitches. I let myself go, to have fun and just enjoy the moment. My most memorable moments was sneaking and using the service elevators. We would still be waiting on the main elevators, if we haven't used the service elevators, getting lost with Goddess Athena and Diablo in the bowels of the hotel...AND watching the most epic gang bang, a quite enjoyable kinky pony ride, and a Brilliant pegging scene in the middle of the ballroom that i was honored to be a part of. Just wait till next time, its just gonna get better.

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