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Degradation Snow Day in Raleigh NC

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

It rarely snows here in the South, maybe once or twice a year. Once it snows, it melts pretty quick. So the snow is a rare treat. I decided to utilize the weather for my degradation client(that likes to read my blogs).

It was his fault, really. He is the one who mentioned how much snow we got here in Raleigh and how he had received none, living 2 hours away. His comment inspired me. I am intelligent, creative, and love rising to the occasion to utilize my resources on hand. Although I have a fully equipped dungeon, full of the latest and greatest BDSM high-quality toys, I decided to incorporate the weather, particularly the snow, into his session.

I was considerate. I had him strip naked, but I did put him in a leather straight jacket so he wouldn't be toooo cold. I took him outside, behind my dungeon. I pushed him down into a snow-covered chair to cool down his hard, dripping clitty. I enjoyed watching him squirm sitting on the snow for a few minutes. Then I had him retrieve a fallen nearby phallic-looking icicle, using only his mouth. I had him carry the phallus back inside the dungeon.

I had him bend over the bondage table: face-down, ass-up. I took that icicle from his mouth. It was a perfect shape and size to be penetrated with. I slid that icicle into his "pussy" and told him how hot it was that he was taking this for me. Literally. I shoved the icicle deeper into his pussy until I could no longer see it. I let it stay there and melt.

Oh, but I didn't let my dear snow sub freeze too much longer. I told him to go lay down in the bathroom. I was going to warm him up. After I was content with his placement, I went into the bathroom and gave him a nice, warm golden shower. He was too much in shock, either from the cold or my warmth, to protest. I made him lay there for awhile on the dirty bathroom floor- with an icicle melting up his ass and my golden nectar all over him.

Snow days are a special treat in Raleigh! :)

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