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Diet Domination

"What doesn't kill you, makes you thinner! No pain, no gain! Eat less, move more, drink water. "

Ever heard of the Kremlin Punishment Diet? We WILL punish you for not making weight goals!

Go ahead and cry, whine, or shout. We love it and are used to it! We know it is in your BEST INTEREST to lose the weight so your whining falls on deaf ears. Nothing else has worked for you and you are in desperate need of a complete diet overhaul! You need someone to TAKE CONTROL of your life and treat you like the weak-minded person you really are! We will order you what to eat and how much. You will be accountable. It's our rules and you better get used to it.

We want to dictate your diet. Struggling to lose weight? Want to meet physical goals that you've set for yourself but need more discipline? We can HELP!

Initial In person session: $300/hour: We will purge your fixation! Do you LOVE sugar, carbs, and/or junk food? We will restrain you and force feed it to you until you are sick. It's called Aversion Therapy.

Plan options:

1. $100/week includes: general diet plan, weekly scale pics, Fitbit exercise monitoring, and goal setting

2. $200/week: daily diet plan, Fitbit exercise monitoring, shopping list for diet, 3/week scale pics M/W/F

3. $300/week:

  • Daily AM pics of your scale weight

  • All food and drinks ingested, you must take pic and get pre-approved from Domme

  • Weekly meal plan for 3 meals/day

  • Grocery shopping list

  • Exercise monitoring through Fitbit App

  • Instant text availability

4. $400/week: all services above plus 30 min in-person meeting. This meeting will consist of on of the following:

  • 30 min honey-mask anti-cellulite massage (reward)

  • birching (whacking your cellultie areas with tree branch)

  • humiliation punishment you will have to do in front of us for not meeting your weight goal

Let's get started with your future!

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