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Fantasy Wrestling Sessions at Raleigh Dungeon House of Whispers

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

You must read this entire blog in order to have your first wrestling session at House of Whispers Raleigh Dungeon. "Not reading" or "not knowing what to expect" is inexcusable and grounds for dismissal. Your deposit will be lost.

Several of our beautiful and sexy Dominatrix offer fantasy wrestling sessions at our dungeon. We do NOT do outcalls. We do NOT offer competitive wrestling. No one is going to get hurt. Hard limits will be discussed face-to-face before the session; this means specifically we will respect what you don't want, medical issues, or previous injuries that we need to be aware of. Tapping out equals giving up, in which we will relinquish our hold.

Unless otherwise specifically negotiated after your deposit is received, we will start your wrestling session out with bondage. For our safety and yours, we will use a combination of our choice of bondage to your hands, feet, and/ or mouth. Bondage is non-negotiable for first time wrestling clients. Wrestling is exciting, arousing, intensive, competitive, sexy, fun, entertaining, etc. The point of our bondage is to reduce the strength in our opponent by creating an advantage for us. It's supposed to be a fun and sensual form of Domination, not a physical fight.

As our wrestling session progresses, we will consider slowly releasing your bondage. This is decided at our discretion and not guaranteed.

After bondage is enforced, we will put our opponent in various wrestling holds. These holds could include chokeholds, bearhugs, schoolgirl pin, face sitting, smothering, scissor holds, or whatever else we come up with. We'll let you try to wiggle out of the holds. The harder you resist, the stronger we push for your tap-out. After your tap-out, we might want a reward for our victory. This is one of the many fun games that we like to play.

Attire: We will wear athletic clothing such as sports bra and booty shorts or spandex wrestling suit. If you have an outfit request, you may ask. We do NOT wrestle in a bikini, thong, or bra/underwear. You should bring gym shorts. If you do not bring gym shorts, we will put you in a spandex suit.

Dungeon: We have several cushioned wrestling mats that we will lay down on the spacious dungeon floor. We also have

a carpeted area in the social area with couches. There is a bathroom with a shower available. We have heat and air conditioning.

After you pay your deposit, we are happy to discuss your session more with you. Every situation is different, but safety remains the most important. Communication is key to having a good time. If you have questions, you can ask via email before your session or when we are discussing it face-to-face.

There are many different types of fantasy wrestling options. Roleplay fantasy wrestling is an option, perhaps office executives working out gender dynamics. We like to have tag team wrestling, 2 Dommes against 1. I have been asked to wrestle female against female or couples. All these scenarios are acceptable but regardless the opponent or scenario, the house rules are apply regardless with bondage being strictly enforced.

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