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Roleplay Medical Play Naughty Nurse(s)

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

I am Nurse Whispers. You are my patient and you are overdue for your exam. There are lots of things we need to do during this appointment.

  • First, you will be punished for being so negligent regarding your health. Punishment hard limits will be discussed prior.

  • Then, we will start with an overall assessment from head to toe.. Inside and out. You will be inspected, poked, and prodded. Any findings will require more inspection.

  • Then we will take a closer look at your major organs- head, mouth, chest, stomach, penis, butt, legs, and feet. I might need additional tools for this including probes, speculum, dilator, constriction bands, or anything else that is applicable.

  • We will test your circulation and reflexes. This can be done through stimulating pain and/or pleasure receptors. The reaction strength and time will be noted.

  • Lastly, I might ask for a semen specimen for testing. How it is retrieved will be discussed..

This is just a general idea. Medical play doesn't have to hurt. Each session is customized to your individual needs, wants, and limits. Other add-on options that are fun include enemas, needles, saline infusion, sounding rods, strap-on, penis pump, and much more.

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