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House Rules

Updated: Oct 18

1. Our session will be created on our common interests. Although your fantasies and requests will be considered, we reserve the right to be spontaneous and creative during our session. We will NOT do every thing you ask.

2. Although communication will be open during our session, small talk is limited to before and after the session so that the main focus is on the present.

3. Discretion, respectfulness, communication, and openness are required. Service will be declined for those who don't meet standards. Your deposit is non-refundable.

4. Keep in mind, you are coming to a BDSM dungeon. Bondage is incorporated in every session for everyone's safety.

5. Your hard/ soft limits, allergies, med conditions, safe words, and session plan will be discussed face to face every session

6. Our time must be tributed.

7. Inconvenience fee ($100) is applied for sessions scheduled after normal working hours, less than 24 hour notice, or on holidays. Also, this fee is applied to clients including disabled, brats, or morbidly obese, who require a Dominatrix assistant.

8. Sessions will be hosted at the dungeon. No outcalls.

9. NO SEX. You will not be allowed any sexual contact with your Dominatrix. This includes touching, oral, vaginal, anal or whatever else you come up with. We can touch you but you will not be allowed to touch us.

10. Your session is private. Your tribute ensures discretion, professionalism, proper training, safety, respectfulness, and intelligence. It will not be recorded or photographed (unless previously negotiated). However for safety purposes, you will not necessarily be alone in the dungeon and certainly not alone on the premises.


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