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High Heel Fetish

Dressing up is part of the fun! Queen Kat and I saw a male client, "Michelle", who loved high heels. Michelle loved seeing others wearing them and wearing heels herself! She loved seeing how sexy they look on women and acknowledged the power that high heels demanded from others in the room.

In fact, Michelle had quite the collection herself! So Queen Kat and I dressed meticulously in our highest pair of heels that we could tolerate, stockings, and sexy lingerie outfit. I clicked around in my heels, listening to the tap against the hard floor.

For Michelle's session, 'she' wanted to model her 10+ pairs of high heels and matching outfits for us. These were very tall, stilletto heels, al least 4-5 inches. She also had matching outfits including knee high stockings, panties, and various matching men clothes shorts and a shirt. She had a unique style that wasn't full out "sissy"; she just really liked the high heels.

Queen Kat and I lounged on the couch with a glass of wine and music while Michelle did

all the work, getting ready in each outfit by herself to surprise us.

We were very impressed! Each outfit was even more stunning than the last! We cheered, whistled, cat called, and clapped. She modeled each outfit for us, walking around the room, dancing a little to the music, teasing us mostly. One of my favorite outfits was her "Sailor Outfit", which consisted on navy blue stilletos, blue panties, white shorts, and a navy/white striped top. Very color coordinated! I also liked her all white "Virgin Outfit", which consisted of white stilletos, which she paired with white panties, white shorts and top. I couldn't resist anymore and was tired of being tantalized so I grabbed her and pulled her over my knee. I pulled down her shorts and ripped her white panties into shreds, I gave her a nice firm Over The Knee spanking, like she deserved, until her ass was a delicious shade of red. Her little clitty could barely contain itself, squirming on my lap.

There were many more outfits- yellow canary, red hot, black gothic, purple mardi gras. We enjoyed the high heel fashion show very much. Michelle wore herself out strutting her stuff, showing us her outfits, and then getting spanked over my knee.

Next time, I might make her go out in public wearing her high heels..

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