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Raleigh Dungeon Latex Sessions

I have recently acquired an extensive collection of dungeon upgrades including heavy extreme bondage options and latex collection. I am writing on my current latex collection that I have available as of now, 6/15/21. You have to read the blog too; not every item I own is pictured. Of course, every scene is unique. Sizing is limited, but I have lots of options.

Latex Dress up Rubber Doll Collection

I have an extensive collection of latex clothing and accessories that I like to dress my submissives up in as little rubber dolls, size permitting of course. The rubber items I have available for client dress up include:

  • catsuits

  • pants

  • shirts

  • shorts

  • bikini bottoms

  • skirts

  • stockings

  • gloves

  • feet

  • hoods

  • silicone chastity and rubber cock sheaths

  • breastforms

  • boots, heels, wigs, garters

Latex Bondage

I LOVE doing heavy extreme bondage in latex. Some of my favorite latex bondage items to use include:

  • straitjacket

  • vacbed

  • sleepsack

  • sleepsack with attached gasmask (size permitting)

  • rubber belts

  • rubber mitts

  • rubber restraints

  • rubber gags

  • rubber posture collar

  • rubber inflatable blindfold

Sensory Deprivation

Once I have you dressed in all latex and then bound in latex, I like to use more latex to take away your senses. Breathing can be controlled through many options and should not be taken for granted. An out-of-body experience is given through breath control latex bondage and is only for advanced play. Here are some of my favorite toys:

  • latex smell-bag (backpack with attached hoses to mask)

  • double mask

  • gas mask

  • rebreather bag

  • tubing

  • hoods

I enjoy latex sessions because of how I feel and look wearing it. I also appreciate how it looks on others. It's very sexy, like a second skin. Sensations transpose right through it from spanking to vibrations. I also like shining latex up so it looks glossy and feeling someone's body as I rub the oil onto the latex. Here is a photo collage of Me in some of my favorite latex outfits, as well. Schedule a latex session with me soon so I can show you what its like transforming into My Rubber Doll.

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