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What to Expect at your First Session

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

It is normal to feel nervous and excited when meeting me for the first time, and every other time after that. I will email you the day of our session for final confirmation that everything is on track. Your confirmation reply is mandatory. Please groom yourself properly before coming to our session. This includes trimming down excess body hair, showering, flushing out with enema (if applicable). Give yourself extra time for traffic and to find the correct address, it is confusing finding the place for the first time. Drive safely. If you are going to be late or cannot find the place, text or call me ASAP. Tribute is brought in the form of cash and offered at first of session. Gratuity or a gift is appreciated but not required.

When you first arrive at my dungeon, you will text me when you are parked, I will meet you out front at our scheduled time and bring you inside. We will sit and chat, discussing your interests again, hard limits, medical issues, any known triggers, safety, and communication guidelines. I will train you how to answer and what to call me. I will answer any questions you have. Our session will always be discreet and private, there are NO video or cameras. You are NOT being recorded.

After our initial conversation, I will ask you to leave the tribute on the table and then go to the restroom to change out of your clothes. What I want you to put on will depend on your interest and our discussion. 

I will gear our session toward your interest, but I will put my own sadistic twist on delivering your requests. I will gauge my intensity from your submission level and our communication. I like to incorporate something new into our session as well, that you haven't experienced before. Your thresholds will be challenged, but nothing you can't handle. Especially with new clients, I will error on the safe side of things, watching how you react to uncomfortable situations. I will take things slower at first until I feel you relinquish control and fully submit to me. 

Bondage is required for everyone's safety.

After our session is complete, there is a shower available if you would like to clean up before leaving. I'll walk you out and offer you a water for the road. Email me when you get home to let me know you are safe.

The day after our session: I will follow up with you to see how you are feeling. Depending on what we did, it is normal to feel sore in certain places. Taking a warm bath with salt water or perhaps an ice pack will alleviate any mild discomfort you might experience. By the next day, everything should be back to normal.

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