• Queen Kat Krush

Sissy Samantha

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

"Queen Kats Scratch Pad"

The desires that a person has runs deep. Your thoughts control you on a sub-conscience level. The bubbling erotic imagies that you have need to be explored. Those dirty nasty thoughts has brought you to your knees in front of me, Your Queen. I have the skills and the techniques to bring your Slutty Kitten to the surface. Samantha, My Slutty Sex Kitten came to me to explore those taboo thoughts. She needed me to help bring out the naughty demons that lurk inside her.

We have a connection that makes her shudder everytime I touch her. By the gasp of her breath, I know she is mine. The look of total submission on her slutty face gives me joy beyond any words. The contentment is calming to both of us. She only wants to serve me and make me happy.

I look down at my Kitten and ask, "If she is ok?" She lovingly gazed back at me and smiles. Yes, my Queen, "I am." She knows that I own every part of her. She is mine for me to do as I wish. The control I have over her beats through her veins, like a 1000 pulsating clitties ready to explode. My power encompasses every part of her body. I control her mind, her breath and her orgasms. My pleasure is her pleasure.

My Slut Kitten is so excited. Her clitty is standing at attention for me. Its appetite grows with every mark I leave on her body. Her excitement is beyond control. She lets out a loud animalistic moan. My whispers opens her mind for me to make my home. I own you, Kitten. Now, Thank me. Thank me for allowing you to be in my presence and feel my control. I want you to know and feel that you belong to me long after you left my presence.

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