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Raleigh Bachelor Party Stag Party Ideas

Updated: 6 days ago

House of Raleigh Dungeon Professional Mistresses can lead your bachelor party or stag party. We will bring you to your knees begging for more. We love to train men how to serve your wives and all women. Let us begin your training..

Demonstration options that are our favorites:

  • BONDAGE: restraints, hog tie, duct tape

  • SENSORY DEPRIVATION: gags, hoods, blind folds, earplugs

  • Nipple Torture: clamps, clothes pins

  • COCK BALL TORTURE: squasher, paracord bondage, cockrings, clothespins, flogger

  • BALL BUSTING: kicking, trampling, squeezing, punching

  • WHIPPING: flogging, spanking, paddling

  • SENSATION PLAY: fingernails, touching, hot wax, ice cubes, toys



  • FORCED FEMINIZATION: Sissification, slut training, cross dressing

  • FEET WORSHIP: licking, kissing, massaging, worshipping

  • SMOTHERING: Face sitting , boob smothering, breath control (Domme will be clothed)


  • We can provide a semi-nude or nude female or male submissive for demonstration.

  • This can be a co-ed party, if you want.

  • You can bring food and drinks. You can bring alcohol but drunkedness will not be tolerated.

  • We will wear fetish Dominatrix wear or you can choose Nurses, Office Business Executive, Cops, or Military.

LOCATION: You can bring your party to our fully equipped dungeon or we can come to your event at a private venue.


1. CONSENT: We participate in consensual acts only. We cannot FORCE anyone to do anything they do not volunteer for, that includes the groom. Consensual Non-Consent in advance is fine.

2. DISCRETION: No videos, pics, or recording during our demo.

3. TOUCHING: Dominatrix are NOT strippers or escorts. We will NOT be getting naked or offer any sexual services. You will not be able to touch us or any of our toys, but we can touch our submissive volunteers.

4. PAYMENT: $1000 x 90 min- 2 hours, will include 2 Professional Dominatrix from House of Whispers. $200 deposit is required at time of booking.


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