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Reform School Roleplay Scenario

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

I am your Headmaster, Mistress Whispers, You have been a naughty little boy and need to be taught a lesson. You deserve to be punished.

First, I am going to pull down your pants and give you some spankings. I might choose to use my hand or I might use my paddle. Either way, your butt is going to be sore afterward.

Next, you need to be ashamed of your actions. How I choose to shame you is up to me. I am creative. You will be remorseful.

Perhaps, I might want to put on my strap-on and bend you over my desk. Or, I might choose to stroke your little pee-pee until it's sore, forcing your orgasm repeatedly without stopping.

However our reformatory session goes, I will be in charge and you will get schooled.

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