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Sissification Sessions

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

I've always LOVED playing with Barbies. To me, sissifying a man is like opening their mind and showing them how difficult it is to be a woman. I also like men to experience what it feels like to be objectified, becoming a sexual object with boobs and a 'pussy'. I dress my sissies up from head to toe and then play 'house' with them. It's like creating my own life-size Barbie and then making them my Slut.

To book a sissy session, I will want to know your past experience with dressing up. Past ass-play/strap experience will be discussed. I will want to know about clothes and toys that my future sissies have access to at home. I will meet my sissies at the experience level they are at, whether its a novice interest in smelling/wearing girl's panties and stockings or the sissy level is advanced to the point of going out in public cross-dressed.

I have a wide variety of 'sissy gear' from silky lingerie to lacy panties and bras. I have wigs, make-up (yes remover too), high heels (various sizes and colors), nylon body stockings, skirts, and dresses. 

After I get my sissies all dressed up, then I like to train them. First we start with walking in heels. Then, I like to have my sissies lay across my lap to receive their spankings for being such a naughty, slutty gurl. After that, our sessions can go from cock sucking training, ass play, cockcage/ chastity, strap-on fun, or whatever else we discuss.

Sometimes, before or after our sessions, I like to give 'homework' assignments. I can get pretty creative with these tasks for my amusement. Some past assignments have included decorating their clitty, wearing panties or stockings to work under their 'man clothes', sleeping in sexy lingerie, getting makeup recommendations from cosmetics counter, stretching their 'pussy', and many more. I will usually instruct not to play with their clitty for a certain amount of time around our session, as well.

Let me know if you have questions about becoming my future sissy. This session is private, discreet, and safe. Communication will be open throughout our session and we will have fun and laugh alot, but at the same time see exactly what you are capable of.

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