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House of Whispers Enema Instructions

How to Flush Out using an Enema.

Prior to anticipated ass play, it is required that you do a proper flush-out to make sure you are clean inside and out. It is an important part of grooming and preparing for the session. We can administer it at the dungeon, if needed, but would rather spend that time and energy on playing.

There are many types of enemas that you can choose from:

A single-use disposable Fleets enema is the most common. This can be purchased at any pharmacy, grocery store, or Amazon.

A reusable bulb syringe is another option. A version of this is sold at the pharmacy or you can purchase it on Amazon:

A 3rd enema option is a enema that hooks up to your shower. You can find many versions online that are adequate or this particular all-inclusive kit can be purchased here:

For experienced size queens that can take a much larger insertable, a more invasive hydrotherapy procedure called a colonic light be required. You can read more about this here.

1-2 hours before your session, use the enema. It will take 20-30 min to ensure adequate flushing. After you use your enema, do not eat food because that will defeat the purpose.


Get into a position where you can reach your ass with access to the sink. You can lay on your side or bend over. Insert the lubricated enema tip into the rectum. Squeeze enema bottle, emptying contents inside your rectum, slowly. Do not use the bathroom yet. Refill same bottle using warm sink water. Repeat process twice. After 3rd enema bottle has been emptied, you will be feeling very full and pressure to eliminate your bowels. Hold it as long as you can and then use the bathroom.

Repeat entire process at least one more time until water is toilet is clear coming out of you. You might feel a little crampiness for 10-15 min after you are done with enema so stay close to the bathroom so you can go again, if needed.

I've heard some people do this in the shower. I would be worried about the drain clogging, just sayin'.

If you have questions about this prep, ask!

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