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Sissy Kimmy Takes a Trip to the Glory Hole

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

"Queen Kats Scratch Pad"

Venturing outside of the dungeon with a Slut can be so entertaining. The looks you get from the general public can be very amusing. Mistress Windy, Kimmie The Cum Slut and I, Queen Kat draw a lot of attention just by our mere presence. Mistress Windy is a tall Beautiful Amazonian Woman. I am Volumptious and Curvy Bombshell with Hypnotic Eyes. And Kimmie The Cum Slut has a beautiful sissy hiding in the inside. She came to us because the little cum slut wanted to play naughty. Kimmie is our pleasure doll to dress up as we please. She will become our "trailor park trash doll". A Slutty trashy Doll that wants to suck all the dicks in the trailor park. She wants to be the center of attention.

Todays adventure, Kimmie the Cum Slut takes a trip to the Glory Hole. Nothing says, "Trailor Park Trash" like a blue jean mini skirt, stripped tank top, cheap thigh highs, red hair and red panties to match. She was gorgoues is a trashy kind of way. Her eagerness to please us was so sweet. Mistress Windy and I could not help but beam with pride.

Mistress Windy and I was not convinced that Kimmie would make it to the Glory Hole on her own. Kimmie was so nervous about going. She makes a beautiful female. Her soft voice and her beautiful figure makes her so fuckable. I know everyone at the Glory Hole will agree with me.

We enter and heads turn. A tour of this place is a must. Its dark and quite. You can slightly hear the moans and the rooms are only lit up by the TV's that are playing porno. It smells like sex, lonliness and disgust. How exciting! I can not wait to have my way with her in the darkness of this nasty place. Trailer Park Trash Sluts know how to be dirty and nasty. And Kimmie did not disapoint.

You have to be ready for any and all variables that may occur being out in public. In the BD/SM world there are rules and unspoken rule that everyone knows. If you live it, then you know it. But, people in the vanilla world do not know, nor respect those rules. You must stay in charge of your submissive, their health and safety is your responsibility. FIRST RULE: DO NOT FUCKING TOUCH ME. Some people have to learn a lesson the hard way though. Am I afraid to teach that lesson?.... Not at all.

Our audiance is growing. You can see their eyebrow raise and the thought bubble with question marks inside pop up above their head. You ladies are beautiful, someone comments from the dark. A nasty smelling man moves is closer within arms length of touching me. Beware! I ask him if he thinks Kimmie is beautiful? Of course, he agrees that she is. So are you as he reaches and rubs my leg. SWAT! on the back of his hand with my riding crop. DO NOT FUCKING TOUCH ME. Do you understand? DO NOT fucking touch me. He replied, Yes, I understand, as he rubs the back of his hand. You are mean, he says. You touch me again, I will whack the back of your other hand and give you a matching pair. He mumbles something... I sternly replied, Yes Ma'am. He said it back to me with out hesitation. The nasty smelly man knew I was in charge. All it took was a tiny little swat on the back of his hand to teach him a valuable lesson.

Can I watch? Asks the next person brave enough to speak up. You can, both Windy and I replied, just do not touch. Windy asks him if he would like a blow job from Kimmie the Cum Slut. He sits on the couch across from us and takes out his cock. He is already hard. Kimmie slips the condom over his BBC. You can see the enjoyment cum across his face as she slips his cock into her mouth. His head falls back on to the couch and moans. Kimmie is pleasuring her new friend. I have a hand full of panties in my left hand and my riding crop in my hand spanking Kimmies tight little ass. Mistress Windy directs Kimmie to relax and take his BBC deeper into her mouth. Another person enters the room with his cock hanging out and reeks of liqour. He sits beside me and then slides on to the floor behind Kimmie. I got the feeling that he was going to mount her like a dog. I pointed my riding crop at him. She does Not belong to you. Do not touch her. He looked at me confused, like I said it in some foregin unknown language. I do not like to repeating myself its a big pet peeve of mine. Its a simple rule that should not have to be reiterated. Its a lesson that I will be gladly to teach you, just try me.

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