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Updated: Dec 20, 2020

I had an ridiculous client session this week. This new client was so naive that his ignorance offered a comic relief to us all. My apprentice, Queen Kat, assisted me with his corporal punishment session.

Here was his original email to me: “I came across your website yesterday but don't remember ever seeing the House of Whispers. I have lived in Raleigh for 20 years and drove down ten ten to where I thought you were located but did not find your "House." Did you move? I'd like to book a session if still possible. Thanks.” He later told me that he drove around looking for a dungeon sign with “House of Whispers” in a strip plaza mall or something like that.

I corresponded with him a few emails after redirecting him how inappropriate this was to drive around looking for a hidden place. Via email, I wrote him specific dungeon arrival instructions: "notify Me when he arrived, stay in his car until his session time, then I will meet him at the dungeon front door promptly at our session time". When he showed up to the dungeon for his session, at first, I couldn’t find him. Then I heard his voice from around the corner. He told me that he parked up the road a few blocks and walked to the dungeon. He was hiding around the corner of the building so he wouldn’t look “conspicuous”.

His inability to follow simple directions from the start is grounds for dismissal and loss of session deposit. However, he begged for us to see him, assuring me that he “wouldn’t tell anyone”, and that he was brand new to the scene. I allowed him to enter the dungeon and scolded him again about the importance of following directions and the need for discretion in our misunderstood industry.

He said he enjoyed being spanked in his previous relationships, but it was difficult to find a woman to spank him without fear of “hurting him”. He went on to tell us that he had started watching videos of men being spanked recently which aroused him. He bought a paddle on Amazon and watched some more videos on spanking himself. He was embarrassed to say that he must have

spanked himself too hard because his ass was bruised now. He said he bought bruising cream from Amazon to help his ass heal faster but hadn’t noticed any improved results. Queen Kat and I couldn’t refrain from laughing any longer.

He said he was starting to get very nervous. He rambled on about how all he wanted was a spanking and he didn’t even know about all those other “strange” fetishes, like Cock Ball Torture. He didn’t want that. We went over safe words, medical restrictions, and hard limits with him. By this point, he was trembling and asked if he could go pee. We laughed at him again and pointed him to the restroom. When he came out, we had him strip down naked. He slowly undressed, trying to cover his crotch area. His shyness and obvious embarrassment amused me. Queen Kat collected his tribute, hooked a collar and leash to him, and led him into the dungeon room.

Inside the dungeon room, we had him kneel before us as we assessed him closer. He kept running his mouth so we quickly stuffed his small mouth with a bit gag. We put wrist and ankle restraints on him and stood him up to the overhead spreader bar. We bound his legs so he couldn’t flail around although he was still trembling with apprehension. We laughed at his pathetic cock, lack of proper grooming, and his obvious agonized state of mind. Reducing sensory perception will help him relax so I instructed the blindfold to be applied. At this point, he started weeping and sobbing, begging not to be blindfolded. He started hyperventilating, drooping his head, begging not to be restrained anymore. I comforted him, reassured him that it was for his own good and everyone’s safety. Queen Kat went over breathing techniques with him, making him count to ten, take deep breaths in through his nose and out through his mouth. (I found out later that he was "clausterphobic", which he did not report to us in the beginning because he didn't think it was important).

Once he was able to focus again on our instructions and slow his breathing, we moved him to the bondage bed where we placed him face down with his arms and legs bound spread eagle. I covered his body and face with a towel, in which he whimpered and protested slightly. I explained how I appreciate him enduring discomfort for Me, and not everything we will do will be what he wants or likes. He needs to focus on his breathing and listen to the sounds of the whacks that we are about to give him.

Queen Kat has a nice lineup of impact play toys ready to use on him. She has canes, crop, flogger, paddles, lollypop smackers, wooden spoons, and a whip. I raised up his towel and she began spanking his with her hand slowly at first, increasing speed and intensity. I straddled the back of his head as his breathing slowed and his whimpering turned into muffled sighs. She used the paddle next, making sure to whack both cheeks equally. I took the flogger and started lightly whacking and his compressed cock ad balls that were flattened pointing down toward his feet. Kat paddled his ass cheeks while I flogged his cock and balls. After about 10 times, I informed the client what I was doing. He immediately started squirming and protesting to CBT. I pointed out the obvious that I had already been doing CBT whacking his cock and balls before I had even told him, in which he was more-than-fine. His enlightenment made me laugh at common misconstrued beliefs that people have of unknown fetishes.

Queen Kat continued the progression of impact play. She cycled through our toy lineup, increasing intensity but varying sensation of thud versus sting. I put on gloves and got extra lube. He had never experienced ass play or prostate stimulation. I inserted a finger into his puckered rectum and started massage his prostate gland. He stopped protesting and got very still at first. Queen Kat used the canes as I massaged his prostate. The client began backing up on my finger, arching his back to get more, pleading for me not to stop. His surprised and aroused reaction made me laugh as I called him my anal slut and made him keep begging for me to continue.

His ass was a delicious shade of dark red/ purple with welts present and bruises starting to form when I decided to really fuck with his head. I instructed all of his restrain

ts to be removed and for him to get on his hands and knees doggy style. I placed his balls in a restrictive device called The Humbler (see attached pic).

Queen Kat spanked him with her hands now, bringing his back down to reality slowly. I lightly flogged his confined balls again without him even noticing. I asked him if he was being hurt in any way, he said no, and I asked him to make sure. Then I told him that I was doing Cock Ball Torture on him and he seemed to like it. He immediately began squirming and protesting; but I reminded him how he just told me he was fine. I saw the wheels turning in his head as he was trying to process his physical sensations contrasting to his beliefs. He stopped wiggling and slowly offered himself further to me by sticking his humbled balls out further. I laughed at his meager attempt at arbitration and told him that his discomfort and his submission pleased me. We rubbed his red and swollen ass but did not apply bruise cream. I let his balls go and told him to get cleaned up and dressed.

He was still in a daze as he left, never having experienced subspace or true submission before. He shared with us the scariest part of the session was feeling so vulnerable. He thought he was coming to me for just a spanking, but instead he received an enlightenment in which he will never forget.

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