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The Domme Academy

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

House of Whispers will soon be offering Dominatrix Training Classes. Domina Diabla will be in charge of these classes and I will be offering Dungeon Apprenticeships to interested star pupils that are interested in continuing on into the Professional Domme world.

As a Professional Dominatrix and Head Dungeon Mistress, I know the importance of safety, discretion, infection control, and professionalism. I am also aware of the legal repercussions as being wrongly categorized as a sex worker. Before a new apprentice sets foot into the dungeon, I want to provide Her with the knowledge of BDSM fundamentals.

Knowledge = Confidence. Confidence = Power.

Class agenda will be continuously updated but here is a rough draft of what we are looking at.

Part 1

~ Professionalism, Respect, Communication, Proper Etiquette

~ What is BDSM?

~ Consent: Contracts, Safe Words, Hard/Soft Limits, Medical Limitations

~ Safety and Infection Control

~ Health and Hygiene

~ Professional Dominatrix Legal Info

~ Submissive Discipline, Training, and Punishment

~ Dungeon Tutorial: furniture, equipment, rules, behaviors, etiquette

Part 2

~ Types of Fetishes

~ Corporal Punishment

~ Bondage

~ Nipple Play and CBT

~ Sensation Play and Edging

~ Medical Play

~ ABDL and Littles

~ Sissification

~ Chastity and cuckolding

~ Anal Play

~ Degradation and Humiliation

~ Pet Play

~ Latex

~ Feet Worship, trampling, ball busting

COST: $50 class x 10 classes total. More info to come.

Contact us to get registered. This is all early stage development of Domme Academy at House of Whispers so please be patient while we continue to get organized by offering both online and in-person classes.

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