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Vegas Sissy Experience

Oh, how I LOVE Vegas. It's called the City of Sin because Anything Goes. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. There are so many amazing things to see in Vegas, it's overwhelming. You experience sensory overload from the bright lights, sounds, sights, colors- it all starts to blend together to create a euphoric buzz (or maybe it's just sleep deprivation). Either way, I always have a wonderful time in Vegas. I used to live in san Diego so I would travel to Vegas as often as possible, getting to know the city.

So that's why I thought Vegas would be perfect for a sissy's first time out as a woman. In Vegas, you are free to be who you want to be; nobody really cares. People are there from all over; all types of people. From showgirls, drag queens, performers, entertainers, people in costumes, high rollers, red necks, strippers- there is something for everyone. You can be invisible in a crowd while blending right in with everyone else.

Queen Kat and I traveled to Vegas with our established sissy client, "Natalie". We had been planning our trip for months; this would be her first time in public as a woman. We coordinated her entire female outfits from head to toe including her: panties, stockings, shoes, lingerie, makeup, wig, eyelashes, boobs, bra, and anything else we thought we might need. We worked with her on how to walk in heels, talk in a girly voice, and present herself to others.

We dressed Natalie up three nights in Vegas and took her out with us. We walked through casinos, ate out at restaurants, ordered drinks at a bar, took pictures around the casinos, went on a gondala ride, shopped, and had a wonderful time. Natalie was treated like a lady, as one of us. We made her use the women's restroom, sitting down to pee, and engage in girltalk chatter. She was even cat-called and we noticed more than a couple men doing double takes as we walked past. Natalie went from a boring man that nobody noticed to a beautiful woman that people were opening doors for. All this attention was overwhelming for her. I was so very proud of her. This was a huge step in her feminization process.

The last night we decided to stay in the room to have some private fun. My assistant, Queen Kat, hogtied Natalie to the bed in the room. I blindfolded her and put on Sissy Hypno audio. I kept her on the bed in that dreamlike state for over 4 hours! Queen Kat and I alternated going into the darkened room where Natalie was bound; we spanked her, pegged her with the strap-on dildo, and touched her all over. Natalie didn't know if she was dreaming or awake. Her body was Mine to use how I pleased. Her total submission pleased me very much. When I released her from bondage, her whole body was trembling, and she had such a relaxed smile on her face. She had no idea how long she had been there. She gave herself fully to me.

Vegas Sissy Experience to me is about being yourself in judgement-free public area. You will be welcomed, accepted, and protected with us. We will transform you into a better person and open your eyes to a whole new world. Warning though, it will be hard to transition back to your old self after experiencing being a woman in Vegas with Me.

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