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Winter Fire Dark Odyssey Domination Convention

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

Over the weekend, 5 of us Dommes from House of Whispers and 2 subs went to Baltimore to attend a kink festival called WinterFire, hosted by Dark Odyssey #DOWF2020. Thank you for the donations: the trip wouldn't have been possible without the generous donations from sponsors.

We were told that this was one of the most "sex-positive" events on the East Coast. The event was sold out. It was a hotel takeover. The entire hotel was blocked off for this event for 3 days. All 300 rooms in the hotel were full.

We had an excellent experience at Dark Odyssey. There were so many activities planned that we could hardly keep up with the festivities! We attended classes during the day, including "Squirting 101", "Chastity", "Erotic Hypnosis", and "Rope".

There were many scheduled social events including "Blowjobs for Breakfast" (which we did not attend but considered volunteering our subs to give BJ's), "People of Color mixer", and "Orgies", yes Orgies.

There were many great vendors. I got a beautiful corporal punishment toy, a cane with custom wooden handle, from Southern Impact Toys. There were many more vendors with all kinds of stuff from leather, latex, Venus 2000 accessories, CBT toys, paddles, whips, floggers, and much more.

The event was also offered a "Roaring 20's theme". One night, there was a casino blackjack night followed by a slave auction. The next night was a ballroom "Great Gatsy' experience. My 20's gangster outfit for the casino night took the cake, but Mistress Blaze's "Jessica Rabbit' floor-length gown for Gatsy night was stunning.

The best part of the event to me, other than getting to spend time with my fellow Dommes, was definitely the dungeon scene. We attended 2 nights at their main dungeon. They had a large space and several overflow rooms dedicated to play. In addition to the large dungeon room, they blocked off a whole floor for playrooms. They had lots of space inside the dungeon equipped with crosses, tables, cages, spanking benches, mats, suspension rigs, med exam table, and more.

The dungeon scenes were widely diverse. I saw so many awesome scenes.

The biggest one was the needle play scene in which they were pinning the girls labia up and back, in which her clitoris was exposed. They were doing this while piercing her multiple other places all over her body.

There were many amazing rope scenes. I saw a tall blond doing self-bondage with rope suspension. It was very beautiful, artistic, and cleverly done.

The couple next to us said they were going to do "something dynamic" with rope. And they did not disappoint. They attached themselves to rope at various points and swung through the air toward each other in unison. They had perfect lines, angles, and timing. I think I saw this act on America's Got Talent, or something similiar.

We saw a sexy threesome scene. A hot girl was bound on the bottom giving the guy standing next to her a BJ, while another hot girl was using a strap-on with her on top.

There was wrestling and MMA fighting on the mats and in the cage.

There were lots of impact play scenes on the cross, but my favorite one was a Cosplay Star Wars theme. The sub on the cross was dressed as Princess Leia and Darth Vader was beating her with a various toys. Then Darth Vader took the glowing light saber and sodomized Princess Leia with it. He impaled her with the light saber again and again while she had no choice but to take it.

There were LOTS of Furries and Littles walking around in onesies. I asked one guy in a green onesie to tell me more about his fetish and he explained he was Primal and he was wearing a Dragon Onesie. In fact, as we were getting off the elevator, a large group of onesie-wearing scary-looking animals got on the elevator. You don't see that everyday.

There was a hot gangbang scene. A girl was tied to the bondage table face-down with her legs apart. She was giving blowjobs in the front, while 5 guys were rotating fucking her in the back. It was very sexy, the guys were excited. We saw the girl the next day at breakfast- she looked very happy and relaxed.

However, in my opinion, the scene that we did was the hottest! In the center of the dungeon, we stripped our subs naked and bent them over the table. We lined up a nice array of large dildos to use on them. We took turns pegging each sub with bigger and bigger dildos, laughing and competing with each other on who can fuck the hardest. We had a large crowd around us, enjoying the show. Queen Kat assisted while Mistress Blaze and I went through the cock lineup, alternating with each sub, running a train- one cock immediately after the other.

Overall, we had a great time at this convention. It was fun and a much needed Valentine's Day getaway. We look forward to start planning our next one.

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