House of Whispers BDSM Dungeon Client Reviews

As Professional Dominatrix, we work hard to deliver your fantasy in our own creative, twisted style. We base our session on our common interests. Not EVERYTHING you want will be done at every session. Let go of control; let us take over for awhile. 


"This sexy Mistress might have a sweet voice and a pretty laugh, but when she tells you to do something – you'd better listen! She is former military and besides the videos she films for her site, she also works as a pro-Domme and is more than happy to have you come to her dungeon for a private session. Or you can have a phone/Skype session if you prefer"

"Mistress Windy Whispers is a professional dominatrix with a specialism in whipping sissy slaves into submission and making sure that everyone who comes for a session with her knows who’s boss!"