Mistress Windy Whisper's

lingerie chastity stilettos

In-Person FemDom Sessions

An In-Person session can be exciting and intimidating. The loss of control and feeling of vulnerability is scary yet exhilarating. There are many types of fetishes and every submissive experience is unique. Letting go of control is a skillset to entering subspace and experiencing freedom. Open your mind, let me guide you. Are you ready to please me?


Bondage is to be expected during each and every session. We start out simple and increase in intensity, depending on how the submissive does. Alot of times, bondage is just my foreplay.

Latex Rubber Bondage Table Belts


During our in-person session, I will have a female assistant to help me. She is not there to co-top you; nor does she interfere with our 1:1 time together. My assistant ensures scene safety, smooth transitions, and infection control practices. Her presence is non-negotiable.

head in a box sensory deprivation bondage

Keep in mind, just because you have money and WANT to see ME, doesn't mean that I am willing to see you. First impressions matter to me. If we are not a good fit, I will decline you quickly. There is a vetting process. I have house rules and hard limits. Have you reviewed Tribute? Be familiar with grooming standards.


You will NOT get what you want. The session is based on our common fetish interests but you must prove to me that you are able to follow simple directions for safety before we can move past basic training and rules. It is NOT all about your needs and wants. Learn how to please others.

foot worship slave training


For our in-person session, you will come to my lakefront private venue FemDom Estate. This is an upscale BDSM "dungeon" fully equipped of bondage furniture, leather, latex, toys, contraptions, collections, curios, metal bondage, med play, suspension, feminization, stables, and much more. There is nothing else quite like this upscale venue..

FemDom Estate Vanity