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Corporal Punishment Spanking Fetish

Raleigh Dungeon House of Whispers

Corporal punishment is bodily harm and pain inflicted on a partner in a BDSM relationship. Heavy consent must be ensured between the two parties to create a safe environment. When done under the right circumstances, this practice can be pleasurable for both parties. Safe words are given. Hard limits are respected with regards to marks.

Corporal Punishment or Impact Play Fetish combines pain and pleasure in a single situation, allowing a release of chemicals from the brain including: endorphin, serotonin, melatonin, epinephrine, norepinephrine, and dopamine. Heightened pleasure causes sexual stimulation.

MASOCHIST: Although "getting beat" might sound ghastly to some who are unfamiliar with this fetish, enduring corporal punishment may actually help the submissive experience a release and pleasure. In the BDSM community, masochists who enjoy pain may derive extreme pleasure from corporal punishment. 

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spanking sissy Mistress
spanking diagram

Sadism is a term which describes the experience of taking pleasure in inflicting pain, humiliation, degradation, cruelty, or watching others inflict these behaviors on someone else. Often this pleasure is sexual in nature. Sadists enjoy spanking their partners, playing with whips or floggers, or dressing their partners in humiliating costumes, for example.

A masochist is an individual who takes pleasure in the experience of physical or emotional pain. Masochists often rely on this pain for sexual gratification.  A masochist might enjoy being spanked, whipped, choked, or by wearing nipple clamps, for example. Masochists might also enjoy being humiliated in a variety of ways.

Spanking doesn't have to hurt. It can be sweet, soft and soothing, or it can be as hard as you  want it to be. The act of spanking can be pleasurable because the ass is plentiful with nerves and right next door to the genitals. Strikes and slaps send waves and ripples through the skin and stimulate this area. 

Spanking Bench Mistress Windy Whispers

Mistress Windy using Spanking Bench



  • Submission - giving up control to another person

  • Humiliation - a form of psychological pain

  • Sexual objectification - the sexual value of the body as an object

  • Role-playing - participating in sexual fantasies

spanking gloves

Leather Spanking Gloves

OTK sissy spankings
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