The Empress

Raleigh Dungeon's sexy Domme-Next-Door

The Empress is NOT seeing in-person clients right now, only Online- Dom.

Dominatrix-in-Training at House of Whispers

I'm nearing the end of my apprenticeship but some sessions with me might include another Mistress

Professional Spitter

I'm still learning but here are some things that I LOVE, so far. The list keeps growing:

Golden showers

Sensation Play

Sensual Domination


Body Worshipping

Face slapping


Trampling on cock and balls


Office Roleplay


Relentless Edging with Venus 2000 Cock Stroker

Fantasy Semi-Competitive Wrestling

Controlling Orgasms including denial, forced, and ruined

Office Executive Intern Roleplay

Fantasy Wrestler

Raleigh Dungeon's Strap-On Pegging Princess 

About me:


I am a young Domme who loves to try new things. From new foods to funky hair colors to out-there kinks, I am willing to try just about anything at least once.

Some of my favorite things are cats, baking, and working out. While I am a relaxed person most of the time, I definitely have a fiery side when it comes to issues and people that are important to me.

If you want to get a taste of who I am before our session, ask me about my favorite Star Wars movie. I could on about it for hours. You’ll find that if we have a difference of opinion, I can very persuasive to get you to my side (the dark side, obviously).

Pro tip, if you bring me a treat at the beginning of a session, it just might sweeten me up. I will also never, EVER turn down chocolate.

Orgasm Control

The Empress Raleigh Domme

These feet are made for more than just walking

Master Spanker

Office Executive Roleplay

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