Tickle Torture Fetish


Raleigh, NC


Knismophilia or Tickle fetish is defined as: (i) sexual arousal gained from being tickled, (ii) sexual interest in tickling, (iii) recurring intense sexual urges involving tickling, and (iv) sexual arousal associated with tickling.

House of Whispers Dungeon offers:


Tickle Top Domme: This refers to the person who tickles another with the objective of forcing the victim, usually restrained and helpless, to laugh hysterically, cry, scream, urinate, ejaculate and even pass out from prolonged intense tickling. Usually done for erotic sexual gratification, but sometimes used as effective torture of prisoners.

Tickle Bottom submissive: This refers to the victim, usually restrained, of tickle torture which can be used either for sexual gratification, to obtain information, or for sadistic pleasure. If very ticklish, the ‘bottom’ suffers acute agony from the body’s automatic reflexes, such as hysterical laughter, screaming, crying, muscle spasms, urination, or ejaculation.

Tickle Massage



Experience the stress relief, endorphin rush giggly buzz you get from gentle tickling

Much like a massage, you still have to lie on a bed in a warm, dark and peaceful room. However instead of having a professional masseuse hack the tension out of your shoulders, you’ll now have a professional Dominatrix tickle you. Anyone who has been tickled too hard knows that too much pressure can cause tickling to go from soothing to painful.

Tickle Therapy


Laughter is the Best Medicine

Tickle therapy can provide physical benefits such as tension release and promoting healthy blood flow. When your nerve endings are lightly stimulated by another person’s fingers or even by a feather, laughter is produced, which lowers stress hormones and boosts mood-enhancing neurotransmitters. Like yawning, laughter is contagious; it’s hard to hear it and not crack a smile. Top that with the calorie-burning power of a belly laugh and you’ve got yourself a prescription for health. 

Ticklephile’ is defined as anyone, including adults of both sexes, who have an acute interest, or fetish, about tickling or being tickled. Sexual tickling is most frequently done by fingers, feathers, and other objects.





Knismesis: refers to the light, feather-like type of tickling. This type of tickling generally does not induce laughter and is often accompanied by an itching sensation, reminiscent of a feather trailing across your skin, or perhaps a bug walking on you.



Gargalesis: refers to harder, laughter-inducing tickling, and involves the repeated application of high pressure to sensitive areas. It is more aggressive and can cause breathless laughter or even pain. It tends to target specific areas of the body where we are sensitive: underarms, waists, ribs, feet, and necks. 



Types of Tickeling: