Vegas Sissy Experience

with Mistress Windy Whispers

Go Big or Go Home. It doesn't get much bigger than Las Vegas! What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. It's a safe place where you can be yourself and nobody really cares. Enjoy 2 nights of a feminization transformation experience in Vegas with Professional Dominatrix Windy Whispers.

This Sissy Experience takes lots of communication, coordination, and preparation. The sooner we can begin planning your coming-out, the better it will be! 

COST:  5k will cover this 2 night Sissy Experience in Vegas with Mistress Windy Whispers and my assistant, Queen Kat Krush. $100 Deposit is required to start planning your experience and we can talk about payment options after that. 


CREDIBILITY: I PROMISE that I am trust-worthy and will NOT screw you over, as I have heard there has been an increase in scammers out there. This makes me sad because legit people like me, suffer. Besides being an experienced Professional Dominatrix x 5 years in Raleigh, NC and having my own commercially licensed dungeon, House of Whispers, I have core values defined from my military experience and sharpened with my dual license in healthcare. I served in the Navy x 8 years and have 2 college degrees and current license in the healthcare field. My assistant is dual licensed in healthcare and cosmetology. I want you to be comfortable though with my advice, mentorship, and protection for you. So let's start with a discussion about your sissy interest; I want to get to know you.

WHAT TO EXPECT: 2 nights out in Vegas. We can either come to your room or you can come to ours to get you ready for our sissy outing. Then we will go out to eat together and do an activity after we eat such as casino or bar. After we've had our fun of parading your around, we will return to the room and play with you..


PREPARATION: I will have my assistant, Queen Kat, who is a licensed aesthetician do your makeup including airbrush, fake eye lashes, clip on earrings, and a wig. We will give you boobs, coordinate your complete outfits (in advance) including shoes, panties, stockings/pantyhose, bra, and dress. We will work with you first with walking, talking, interacting, using the women's bathroom, etc.

NIGHT OUT: This will be something you will never forget. Get treated like the lady you are on the inside. Men might cat call you or offer to buy you a drink. You will use the ladies restroom and engage in girl talk. You will carry a purse. Experience what it's like to be acknowledged as a woman.

REVIEWS: Read this blog from another sissy for insight into her Vegas Expereince with Me.

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