Femdom Fantasy Bondage Wrestling

Mixed wrestling sessions available at House of Whispers Dungeon in Raleigh, NC

A FemDom Fantasy wrestling session will consist of the athletic, attractive Domme placing a male opponent in various submission holds. The male opponent can attempt to escape, fully submit, or tap out. Mixed wrestling allows a male sub to completely shake off stress by concentrating on the moment and submitting to the desire of being overpowered by a beautiful and strong woman. 

The woman is always going to be the winner. The Domme usually wears attractive sportswear and will use a variety of wrestling holds to subdue the male submissive.

Mistress Windy Whispers and Mistress Blaze offer non-competitive Fantasy Mixed Wrestling sessions. Our favorite wrestling positions are listed on this page. We play to win and LOVE schooling wimpy boys by exploiting their physical weaknesses. Please note: we do NOT offer competitive, lift and carry, KO unconscious, or arm wrestling.


Crossbody Pin

 Sleeper chokehold




Breast Smother

You could be THIS guy!


Rear chokehold

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