Femdom Fantasy Bondage Wrestling

Mixed wrestling sessions available at House of Whispers Dungeon in Raleigh, NC

A FemDom Fantasy wrestling session will consist of the athletic, attractive Domme placing a male opponent in various submission holds. The male opponent can attempt to escape, fully submit, or tap out. Mixed wrestling allows a male sub to completely shake off stress by concentrating on the moment and submitting to the desire of being overpowered by a beautiful and strong woman. 

The woman is always going to be the winner. The Domme usually wears attractive sportswear and will use a variety of wrestling holds to subdue the male submissive.

Mistress Windy Whispers  offers non-competitive Fantasy Mixed Wrestling sessions. My favorite wrestling positions are listed on this page. I play to win and LOVE schooling wimpy boys by exploiting their physical weaknesses. Please note: I do NOT offer competitive, lift and carry, KO unconscious, or arm wrestling.

Mistress Windy Whispers Female Wrestler


Rear chokehold


wrestling schoolgirl


Raleigh Female Wrestling

 Sleeper chokehold

wrestling wedgie


Fantasy Wrestler Amazonian Windy Whisper
Fantasy Wrestling Loser's Face

You could be THIS guy!

wrestling crossbody

Crossbody Pin

Wrestling Chokehold


wrestling breast choke

Breast Smother