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Foot Worshipping Fetish Slave Training

Contact House of Whispers

Professional Dominatrix Mistress Windy Whispers
Raleigh, North Carolina

I know you are excited that you've found me and I'm glad that you are here. Slow down, take your time. Spelling and accuracy matter. It is scary reaching out for the first time to someone new, but you and I both know that your fetish is only growing stronger. It's burning inside you right now as you read this. We can explore your fetish in a discreet, safe, professional setting where it will be our little secret.

Before you fill this form out, Stop and Think... First impressions matter. How you present yourself to me via this email counts as a first impression. Here is some advice.


Be honest. I want to understand you and your fetish request. Try to communicate the best you can. I'll probably want to chat on the phone as well. Dishonesty is a hard limit  for me.


There is a vetting process so I know that you are sincere and worthy of my time. Money or desire is not everything. If we're not a good fit, then I'm not going to see you.


DO NOT CONTACT ME IF you are too scared, don't want to pay electronic, think I'm a scammer, whatever. You're not ready.


Spelling, grammar, punctuation matter


My time is tributed. If you wish to correspond with me to discuss your fetish, session, policies, or just have  questions, then you must pay your deposit to ensure your sincerity in my time.


Double Check your email adress that you are listing. If you can't even get your own contact info correct, how am I supposed to reply. Also check your spam folder.

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