House of Whispers Raleigh Dungeon

Raleigh Dungeon House of Whispers is a private dungeon located in South Raleigh, North Carolina, that is available by appointment only. The dungeon is a renovated World War 2 Bunker on private property next to a residence. There is plenty of parking but make sure to dress vanilla in the parking lot so we don't scare the neighbors.

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Once you have booked your session, we will provide you with the address, directions, and instructions to Raleigh dungeon.

Sep 2021 Update* My BDSM collections are like nothing you have ever seen. I have high-end leather, latex, nipple play, CBT, wrought iron shackles, electro stim, med play, bondage, feminization, dildo, and much more. Please check back or message me to schedule a dungeon tour or book a session.


House of Whispers BDSM Collections

BDSM Collections:  The collections I have are so vast and extensive that I decided to put them on display so they are easily accesible for us and able to be observed and appreciated by others. The fetish collections I currently have on display in my dungeon include Dildo/ Ass Play, Nipple Play, Chastity, CBT, and Breath Control. Much more to come.

Mistress Windy Whispers Latex Med Play Fetish
Med play fetish bondage restraints
Dungeon- med play cabinet
Med Play Fetish Mistress Windy Whispers
Med play restraints and leather straps
sounding rods collection
med play cupping
med play cabinet stainless steel
Sponge bath
Medical Exam Table Fetish
Mistress Windy Whispers Latex nurse
Med play bondage strait jacket canvas

Raleigh Dungeon Medical Play Fetish:  We have a med exam gyn table with restraints and stirrups. I have an extensive med play cabinet with collection of toys, tools, and instruments of all kinds. I also like to use real hospital restraints and straitjackets for bondage. Find out more.

House of Whispers Med Play Fetish

House of Whispers Sissy Feminization Area

Sissification Feminization Area:  We are fully equipped with plus size dresses, lingerie, panties, stockings, high heels, wigs, makeup, or whatever your little heart fantasizes about. Each item is washed, sanitized, cleaned, and disinfected before and after each use. My assistant, Queen Kat, is a Fetish Esthetician specializing in sissy glam makeovers. Sissy Baby, Forced Feminizations, or Sissy Glam sessions available. Find out more.

sissification full glam makeover tutorial
sissy baby
Dungeon Sissy room
sissification grooming
sissy area forced feminization
sissy station house of whispers
abdl area Little's Play area RDU Gothic
ABDL sissy baby mommy Domme
abdl room sissy baby

ABDL Little's Play Area Dungeon Nursery:  We have a crib, high chair, bubble bath, swing, playpen, art, games, stuffed animals, potty chair, time-out chair. We like to give rewards and punishments.  We also have wide array of single-use disposable items such as pacifiers, bottles, and diapers. Find out more.

House of Whispers ABDL Little's Play Area

Raleigh Rubber Room Latex Fetish

Latex sleepsack with hood
Latex catsuit bondage
Latex gimp apron rubber doll
Latex gasmask sleepsack
Dungeon Latex Collection of breath control
Latex straitjacket
Latex Vacbed encasement
Latex hoods
Latex gas mask sleepsack

Raleigh Rubber Room Latex Fetish:  I want to make you my rubber doll. I like to dress you head to toe in latex and then put you in latex bondage such as rubber vacbed, sleepsack, straitjacket, hooded catsuit. My rubber bondage items include mitts, belts, and inflatable hoods, gags, blindfold. Find out more.

Bondage Spider Cross
Dungeon Furniture Vertical Bondage
CBT bondage chair
Raleigh Dungeon bondage table
Raleigh Dungeon Throne
Dungeon Furniture Cage House of Whispers Raleigh Dungeon
Dungeon Sterilization
Dungeon bathroom large shower

Dungeon Furniture:  Not even close to everything I have is pictured but this gives you general idea: vertical and a horizontal bondage tables, vertical spider cross, bondage chair for CBT or forced orgasms, overhead rig for suspension, a rope table, a milking table, trampling boards, confinement cage, sex swing, and a hanging suspension cage. The main dungeon room also has a large bathroom with multiple shower heads where you can clean up afterward.

House of Whispers Dungeon Furniture