Queen Kat Krush

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Raleigh Dungeon's Big Beautiful, Full-Figured Dominatrix  with more than just a handful or punishments to give out.  


She's Large and In-Charge and not scared to strut Her stuff all over you
There is MUCH more to her than just a pretty face..

"I'm a Hot and Sexy Big Beautiful Woman. I have the softness of a kitten and the roar of a lioness.  I am a sadist from my top of head to the tip of my toes. You will bow down to me, as I make you my slut boy. I'm not afraid to show you who is boss. I will Krush you into submission as you are begging for your Queen to do more. My Double D tits and my beautiful big ass will make you gasp for air as I smother your face.  Don't  be scared...I won't hurt you. Much!"


Age Play
Mommy Play for Little's and ABDL's. Toilet Training and Diaper Play Available 

Corporal Punishment Impact Play:

Pain sluts and Masochists wanted. Queen Kat gives perfect crescendo with impact play of warm-up, full-out, and cool-down. With a wide array of toys to choose from, such as paddles, whips, canes, crops, and floggers, options are limitless.

Special Interests in Corporal Punishment, Mommy Play, Smothering, Feet Worship, Online Domination, and Medical Play including needles, enemas, sounding, and prostate stim

Feet Worship

Size 11

Food Play

Sitophilia is a form of sexual fetishism in which participants are aroused by erotic situations involving food

Fur Fetish

Her Measurement Stats:
5'8" tall
260 pounds
49 inch bust
DD cup size
45 inch waist
54 inch booty hips
Size 11 feet


Wet and Messy Play (WaM) sexual fetish that involves smearing the body with wet and messy substances including whipped cream, chocolate syrup, cake, and condiments

"You may address me as Queen Kat, or simply Queen will suffice. I am a full figured Big Beautiful Woman with soft curves that will leave you wanting more. My curvaceous figure is accented with my ample voluptuous breasts. You will be held spellbound by my deep blue hypnotic eyes as you learn to give all of yourself to me. You will be at the mercy of My powerful grip, while I prepare to punish you. I pride myself in being a Sadist. The pain you feel fuels My deepest desires. My mood during a session is tailored to the submissive at my feet. 

I savor all aspects of Domination in the BD/SM and fetishism community. I have a deep understanding for the connections that a Domme and her Subs are meant to have. There is more to these D/s relationships than causing pain, demanding money or or expecting your total submission. I can set the scene for what ever your deviant, perverted tiny little mind can dream up. I am rather partial to heavy handed paddling, caning, CBT, breath control, ball busting, flogging, sploshing queening, Abdl, sounding, and needle play are just a few of my favorites.


I love the power exchange delving into the depths of your psyche to mentally manipulate your thoughts and behaviors to please me. I am the real thing. I'm a sadistic bitch that will Krush you.


My favorite scene is the heavy impact session. I love when my Submissive wants bruises and red welps on their body.  He wants to see and feel my artistic handy work draw the the out line of the beautiful purple marks that encompasses their ass, legs and back. The joy I feel when I hear their breath leave their body and the sound of the paddle after I make contact on their ass and the cry of pain is my ultimate high. I live to hear a pathetic little slut boy say I can't take any more."


Hard Limits


No scat play 


No bare facesitting or nude body worshipping.


No mind-altering substances allowed during our session including smoking of any kind, alcohol, or inhalants.


There will be no sex of any kind. You will not be able to touch me during our session, but I can touch you.


House Rules Apply


No Fart Fetish


No Smoking Fetish


21 and up


Queen Kat BBW Domme

-Age play

- Bondage, Breath control

- Cock and Ball TortureCorporal punishment

- Edging/ Teasing, Electro play

- Feet , Feederism, Forced Orgasms, Food Play, Furs

- Golden Showers

- Impact 

- Medical play, Mind fucking

- Needle play

- Objectification

- Pet play

- Roleplay, Ruined orgasms

-  Sploshing, Sensation play, Strap-On, Smothering, Spanking, Squirting

-Tickle Torture

- Wet and Messy Play (WaM)

- Many more..

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