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Queen Kat Krush

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Queen Kat Krush leather BBW Mommy Domme
queen kat krush red corset

About Me

I savor all aspects of BDSM. My skills are honed in all facets of role-playing, fetishes and domination. My mood during a session could range from Erotic and Sensual to Unforgiving and Sadistic. My Rubenesque figure is accented by a lovely natural Double D bust line. You will be held spellbound by my deep blue hypnotic eyes. The moans of your pleasure fuel my desires. My mood during a session is tailored to the submissive sitting at my feet.

I love the power exchange of delving into the depths of your psyche to manipulate your thoughts and behaviors to please me. I am your Queen, and you will submit. Once you surrender, you will have no choice but to enjoy being smothered by my voluptuous breasts, kissing my beautiful pedicured feet, and surrendering your soul to me. When I look into your eyes, I want to see your submission that all of you belong to me.  Your transformation will start your journey into the depths of your perversion, I will be your guide.

Stepping into a taboo paradigm is my favorite way to inhibit power.


When your desires call you into the darkness, you need someone to show you the brightness and joy that the darkness can bring. I will walk through the darkness with you. We will find the path together. The path that lights up your deepest darkest kinkiest desires. The ones you are afraid to talk about. Your Queen understand those thoughts, those desires and the need to make them to come to Life.

My touch will make you shudder. My gaze will have you submit, and my inhale will have your soul. Purr for me Kitten. Your Queen awaits.

Raleigh, NC Mommy Domme ABDL Queen Kat


"Mommy role play allows me to be sweet and caring but also have a firm hand. Inside every grown man is a little boy who deserves to be loved and cuddled. You have unique thoughts that need to be explored. I will access and illuminate a part of your brain that needs a release. Mommy will take care of everything better. We can play dress up, read a book or just cuddle up to Mommy's milk factory. Mommy knows just what her baby needs. "



"I am an experienced Sissy Trainer. I have been a professionally trained and licensed in Cosmetology for over 20 years. I will take full responsibility needed for your Sissy desires to come true. Finding the inner beauty of your Slutty mind and soul will be easy for me to bring to the surface. Your Kinky inner slut is wanting to come out and Shine for your Queen. I know the desires you must feel the nylons wrap tightly around your skin and the daydreams of being incased in some sexy lingerie. Be true to yourself, enjoy who you are. Remember, Girls a well-trained Sissy take dedication, hard work and self-discipline. Let me guide and transform you to the Slut you have always wanted to be."


"I am a mature disciplinarian" 

Queen Kat gives perfect crescendo with impact play of warm-up, full-out, and cool-down. With a wide array of toys to choose from, such as paddles, whips, canes, crops, and floggers, options are limitless.



The health industry has given me the chance to hone the Nasty Nurse that is inside of me. Your Queen is a sensual yet firm mature Sexy woman. I am a Fetish Role Expert, that ranges from nurturing to nasty. Let go of your fears. Embrace my Female Supremacy. Feel my power and control over you. I will personally tailor your scene to the desires listed in your medical folder. As I explore your carnal delights, you will be probed, quizzed and examined. I will correct Any deficient habits and cure you from your naughty, naughty behaviors.  I can heal or hurt, it depends on you and your behavior. After your consultation, it will be time to bring your fantasy into kink realism and structure to the chaos.

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