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Tribute is a form of a gift given out of honor and reverence. It is money given out for your Mistress's time, attention, and discretion; additionally house fee, cost for toys, furniture, equipment, clothes, and disposables.

House of Whispers is a first-class commercial dungeon establishment with beautiful, professional, trained Dominatrices that deliver the highest quality of Domination. A great session and connection starts with following directions and good communication.


A $100 deposit is required for new clients. Your deposit is non-negotiable to ensure your sincerity in our time. The $100 is non-refundable but will be deducted from your tribute fee due at the time of session.  If you cancel, no show, or act like a jerk, then you will lose your deposit. We reserve the right to decline seeing clients, if we feel it's not a good fit. 


Credit card will state WW Designs


Correspondence will be  conducted via email only, unless a prior arrangement is made with your Domme.  Interactions will be kept brief and limited prior to receiving your deposit. After your deposit is submitted, your Dominatrix will discuss your session requests more in depth. If you would like a phone call, texting, Skype, or extensive  conversation (5-10 email exchanges is the norm), additional tribute will be required. Communication with your Domme is mandatory so you must be available to reply in a timely manner. Your Domme will reply to your emails at her convenience.

Inconvenience Fee

If you are requesting a same-day session or less than 24 hours notice, an inconvience fee will apply.  We also apply this fee toward less-than-desirable behavior including but not limited to:  tardiness, brattiness, distasteful, offensive, vulgar, inappropriate, obscene, or difficult to deal with. That is, IF we choose to see you at all. DISRESPECT WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.


House of Whispers is a private invite-only BDSM dungeon located at a discreet location in Raleigh,  NC.  Your session will not include everything that you request. We will respect your hard limits, but we reserve the right to create your session based on our common interests.  Fees are non-negotiable.

  • 1:1 session with Professional Dominatrix in Raleigh, NC

    300 US dollars
  • This session will include you, your Domme, and your Domme's Assistant.

    400 US dollars
  • 1:1 fetish session in a BDSM Dungeon in Raleigh, NC

    600 US dollars
  • 2 hour session with you, your Domme, and Her Assistant

    700 US dollars
  • 3 hours with your beautiful Mistress. Assistant required.

    900 US dollars
  • 10pm- 6am Sleep in Confinement. A padded cage will be your bed in the ...

    1,000 US dollars
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