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Dollar Notes

Tribute is a form of a gift given out of honor and reverence. It is money given for your Mistress's time, attention, and discretion. ALL of our time is Tributed

  • We do NOT see or correspond with submissives for free 

  • We do NOT do slave labor barter or accept I.O.U.'s

  • Tribute is due in cash at first of session

  • If you wish to pay credit card,  there will be a 4% additional charge and a 3-5 day wait for your payment to clear




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A $100 deposit is required for new clients. Your deposit is non-negotiable to ensure your sincerity in our time. The $100 is non-refundable and applied toward the vetting process for screening purposes, discussing your fetish, planning and scheduling your session, and all correspondence.  This does not guarantee that we will see you for a session; we reserve the right to decline seeing clients, if we feel it's not a good fit. 

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After vetting is complete, scheduling your session will require at least half of the tribute for your session. ABDL's and sissy's expect to pay full tribute prepayment. This reduces no shows and last minute cancellations due to your fear all of a sudden when reality hits. 

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After session deposit is received, you will correspond with your Domme via email regarding your fetish interests and session info. If you would like additional alternate correspondence, tribute will be required. Communication with your Domme is mandatory so you must be available to reply in a timely manner. Your Domme will reply to your email at her convenience.

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House of Whispers is a private invite-only upscale Femdom lake house estate located at a discreet location in Raleigh,  NC.  Your session will not include everything that you request. We will respect your hard limits, but we reserve the right to create your session based on our common interests.  Fees are non-negotiable.

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Every "Sex Worker" I.E. Professional Dominatrix or escort has their own vetting process for new clients. This vetting process ensures that you are safe to meet and your intentions are sincere. Some require references; even a background check. I do my own vetting with a contact form, email correspondence, phone chat, and $100 deposit. Sometimes I give tasks for you to complete prior to our session. It is important that you are open and honest with me during this time about yourself. I do not judge, label, or share your private info with anyone else. If you fail the vetting process, you are not ready for an in-person session.

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If you act like a little bitch and require additional training prior to Mistress Windy agreeing to see you, that will require extra tribute. Respectfulness, good communication, desire to submit, ability to follow instructions are all fundamental baseline attributes that Mistress Windy requires in a submissive in order to have a good connection. Rudeness, childish behavior, inappropriateness, high fear, demanding, bossiness, disrespect, time wasting, and many more are all undesirable traits in a submissive.

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