Head Dominatrix Raleigh Dungeon:

Mistress Windy Whispers

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Slave Trainer, Slut Taker, Domme Maker

I have been a Professional Dominatrix for 6 years. I am prior military and have 2 current degrees  in the healthcare field. Website design, video editing, and writing blogs are always a work in progress.


I am the Head Mistress of Raleigh Dungeon, House of Whispers. A session with me will usually include my wonderful female Dungeon Assistant. This will be discussed individually with the client prior to the session for consent.


Communication, professionalism, discretion, safety, and sterilization are standards that can be expected at House of Whispers from both client and Dominatrix. Any form of sex is NEVER a provided service at House of Whispers.


We utilize the right to be selective with our clients and deny service to those who do not meet standards. Mistress Windy is a member of  a national Dominatrix Client Verification site where all new clients are verified. Clients that burn bridges are added to the national "Blacklist for Sex Workers". I have zero tolerance for rudeness or disrespect.

Book a session now with your Carolina Mistress

"This sexy Mistress might have a sweet voice and a pretty laugh, but when she tells you to do something – you'd better listen! She is former military and besides the videos she films for her site, she also works as a pro-Domme and is more than happy to have you come to her dungeon for a private session. Or you can have a phone/Skype session if you prefer"    https://www.rabbitsreviews.com/s30635/Mistress-Windy-Whispers.html

"Mistress Windy Whispers is a professional dominatrix with a specialism in whipping sissy slaves into submission and making sure that everyone who comes for a session with her knows who’s boss!"  www.honestpornreviews.com


Feminizations will include glam makeup, dress-up, OTK spanking, and slut training.

I am Head Mistress Windy Whispers. I want to welcome you to my BDSM world at Raleigh Dungeon House of Whispers. 

I am a Professional Dominatrix, meaning that my time is tributed. I am a Giantess or Amazonian- tall with long legs and strong arms. I am 5'10 without heels. My presence alone is intimidating to most people. Submissives, slaves, and sissies are my specialities. Good boys get rewards; Bad boys get punished. 

I can be firm, formal, or casual depending on our session, but I will ALWAYS be in charge. During our session, I will probably laugh and make fun of you as I point out the obvious. I am playful but strict. I base my intensity on your level of submission.  Discipline and bondage are to be expected and are the foundations of every session.

I stay well rounded in all the fetishes, but I would to say SissificationABDLMedical Play, Latex, Tickle Torture, and Corporal Punishment and are my absolute FAVORITES.

I also LOVE roleplay cosplay, strap play, orgasm control, chastity, and online domination. I have so much FUN in everything I DO.

I create our session based on our common interests and your requests, but I reserve the right to be creative and spontaneous. We will NOT do everything that you want, but your hard limits WILL be respected. Thresholds will be challenged. I am BOSS, always. I want to play..



Latex Fetish: I want to make you my Rubber Doll. Let's dress you in latex, whiule I wear latex, and place you in a latex vacbed or sleepsack. Triple-layered latex.

Adult Baby Diaper Lovers

ABDL: Letting me be your Mommy in Age Play is the ultimate submission. I have a crib playpen and adult diapers.

Medical Play

Med Play: This can include enemas, exams, procedures, sounding, saline infusion, needles, naughty nurse play, or prostate stimulation.

Fantasy Wrestler

Fantasy Wrestling: I will put you in various wrestling holds and let you try to struggle out of my grasp. This may include bondage. I'll wear my spandex unitard and put padded wrestling mats down. Tap-outs have consequences.


Feet Worship: This category includes feet worship, ballbusting, trampling, and boot worship.

Strap Play

Ass Play: This is a process, slow and stretch as we go bigger and bigger. Every stroke of my femme cock only makes you crave it more.

Corporal Punishment

Corporal Punishment: Pain sluts and masochist welcome, let's discuss your safe word.

Mistress Windy Whispers Dirty Panties

Mistress Windy Whispers Dirty Panties


Hard Limits


No scat, underage, or animals


No bare facesitting or nude body worshipping.


No mind-altering substances allowed during our session including smoking of any kind, alcohol, or inhalants.


There will be no sex of any kind. You will not be able to touch me during our session, but I can touch you.


No Fart Fetish


No Smoking Fetish


21 and up


-Age play, Ass play, ABDL

- Ball busting, Bondage, Breath control

- Chastity, Cock and ball torture, Corporal punishment, Choking

- Edging/ Teasing

- Feet , Fireplay



- Latex

- Impact Play

- Medical play, Mind fucking

- Needle play

- Objectification

- Pet play, Prostate Play, Pegging

- Roleplay, Ruined orgasms

- Saline injection or infusion, Sensation play, Sissification, Smothering, Spanking

-Tickle Torture

-Wrestling (fantasy)

- Many more..

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