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Mistress Windy Whispers


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I am Mistress Windy Whispers. Welcome to MY World. I am Founder of Raleigh Dungeon House of Whispers. I appreciate your interest and look forward to sharing my passion in BDSM with you. I want to give you a taste of my world, open your eyes to a euphoric experience of give and take, escape your real world stressors and problems for awhile, and be enveloped in my world of safety, beauty, and simplicity. I want to be your guide int subspace, if you let me. I appreciate your submission, crave connection, and cherish our time together. I look forward to meeting you soon.


traded my stilettos in for combat boots when I joined the Navy as a Corpsman to serve in the Medical Field. I was Active Duty during Operation Iraqi Freedom and 9/11 bombings. I worked Inpatient Psychiatry and learned alot about strip searches, interrogations, strip searches,  restraint takedowns, meditation, guided imagery, muscle relaxation, visualization, and electro convulsive shock therapy.  I am telling you this because I use all of these techniques to navigate my submissives through subspace, which is very similar to an erotic trancelike state.I


I have 2 current Healthcare Degrees. Med Play Fetish comes very easy and natural to me because of my lifelong career in healthcare. I like to twist reality and kink to mindfuck my subs with my med play scenes. Exams turn into procedures with Me as your Leading Nurse and there is no telling what I might find wrong with you. Your health and safety are always my top priority.


I've been a Professional Dominatrix for 6 years. I do not tolerate disrespect and will deny service to those who I do not feel like it's a good fit. I am not for everyone either. See Hard Limits page as well.

Slave Training

Breath Control

Edging/ Tease and Denial

Saline Inflation

Electro E-Stim

Sensory Deprivation

Fantasy Wrestling

Ass Play/ Pegging

Degradation and Humiliation

Cock Ball Torture

Orgasm Control

Erotic Hypnosis

Mind Control


Corporal Punishment

interrogation domme military Mistress Windy Whispers

Experience BDSM with a Military Female Dominatrix

  • Proper Slave Training

  • Attention to Detail Bondage

  • Degradation and Humiliation 

  • Military Interrogation Tactic

  • Prisoner Transport Options

  • Physical Fitness and Overpowering

military nurse strap plaY

Explore Med Play Fetish with a Nurse

  • Saline Breast or Scrotal Inflation

  • Needle Play

  • Prostate Play

  • Milking Specimen Collection

  • Exams

  • Procedures

  • Medical Bondage

  • Aroma play Inhalants

  • Rubber Tubing

  • Catheterization

  • Breath Control

rubber nun fetish

Religious Role Play Nun Fetish

  • Confessional

  • Punishment

  • Forgiveness

  • Baptism

  • Catholic School 


Tickle Torture

Heavy Bondage

Some of My Favorite Fetishes..

forced feminization_edited.jpg

There is something much more dark and skillful about the art of Forced Feminization. I enjoy overseeing the transformation to a sexy woman- my doll, my toy, my whore! Forced Fem can include coaching, fem training, guidance, emotional support, hormone injections, saline infusion, webcam monitoring, daily crossdressing, shopping, financial domination, permanent makeup application, feminine surgeries, beauty and cosmetic procedures, piercings, tattoos, chastity, slutification, and whatever else I can think of to transition you to live 24/7 as the woman who were always meant to be. Unleash your inner slut.

chastity cockcage house of whispers dung

I have a large collection of chastity cages, belts, and locks. I have spent my entire Pro Domme career researching chastity devices and keyholding. If you are NEW to chastity, you need a mentor to know where to start. If you already have a cage that fits well, we can discuss keyholding terms. There are so many benefits of chastity. Let me enlighten you.

Leather Dress and Thigh High Boots Mistr


Bondage options are limitless, depending on your ability to let go of control and transcend into subspace with me as your guide. I have leather belts, straitjacket, leg binder, sleepsack, suspension rigs, harnesses, bondage suit, 12-point restraints, CBT, and much more. Get intoxicated in the smell of leather while you are helplessly bound and played with relentlessly.

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