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Med Play Fetish

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

I love doing Med Play Fetish with my submissives. With my degrees in healthcare and prior military service in the medical field, delivering a realistic, safe, and sexy med play scene comes quite natural and easy to me. Every med play scene is uniquely tailored to who I'm with; what works for some might not works for others. There are lots of options that we can do with a Med Play Fetish scene. You will need to read the entire blog, not everything I have is pictured.

My Med Play Cabinet

This cabinet is not all-inclusive and the contents are ever-changing, but it does have a nice presentation of some of my favorite stainless steel med play objects.

The Examination

Every med play fetish scene starts with the patient changing into a patient gown. I will begin by conducting a very thorough, invasive exam that covers top to bottom, front and back, inside and out. We will take notes for what I want to follow up on, which will lead us forward into our procedure part of the appointment session. We also take patient education very seriously so we like to inform you each step of the process. Unfavorable findings from me during this exam could result in negative consequences for the patient.


Bondage is imperative in every med play scene. For everyone's safety, we implement bondage before we begin any procedures. We have many options for bondage depending on which body part we want to access and which others we want immobilized. Here are a few on my med play bondage items that I like to use:

  • Institutional and Medical Restraints

  • Strait Jackets: Canvas, Latex, or Leather

  • Gags: Mouth spreaders, ball gags, muzzles

  • Leather and Latex Mitts

  • Hoods

  • Arm Binders

  • Leg Binders

  • Leather Straps

Urethral Sounding

Using medical-grade stainless steel sterilized sounding rods, I use sterile Surgilube and carefully slide the sounding rod into the urethra. The sounding rod should fill the diameter of the urethra as I insert it to the base of the cock, although some people go past the bladder to the prostate. Moving the sounding rod in and out feels like "being fucked from the inside", as one of my subs described it to me. The skin inside the urethra is extremely sensitive thus creating intense pleasure and forcing an ejaculation to occur.

Electro Toys

This can be used for erotic pleasure or torture.

  • E-stim with various electrode attachments

  • Violet Wand with many accessories

Pumping: Penis, Clitoris, Nipple, and Breast

Pumping and Cupping has many benefits. By creating an airtight seal against the skin, it increases blood flow and circulation, enhancing sensation. Some say, you can use pumping repeatedly to enlarge organs such as penis, nipples, and breasts. The suction from the cup is an erotic sensation like someone sucking on your skin, especially in erogenous zones.

  • Vacuum Pump: pussy pump, penis pump

  • Cupping: nipple enhancer, breast enlargement

Prostate Stimulation and Ass Play

I love ass play. Stimulating a man's prostate and seeing the primal lust that overtakes him, amuses and pleases me. I enjoy milking the prostate with and without orgasm. Ass play does NOT hurt. However, it is a process so you must learn how to relax. It is best to practice ass play at home first so you can learn how to relax. Reaching the prostate at home on yourself can be challenging though, so let me help. I can take you to a whole different world with prostate stimulation. I'll have you begging for more.

  • Anal Hooks (single and double)

  • Butt Plugs-various sizes, glass and stainless steel

  • Probes- stainless steel

  • Anal Plug, Humbler, and CBT Clamp

  • Anal Hook and Cock Ring Combo

  • Dildos- glass and silicone, all sizes

Cock and Ball Torture

I think it's very sexy to see you taking so much pain for Me. It really turns me on to hear you cry, whine, or moan in agony and to know that you are doing it for My pleasure. It's for your own good, really. What does not kill you, will only make you stronger. Nobody wants a weak and pathetic cock, so we just need to toughen yours up a little.

  • Humbler Testicular Bondage

  • Parachute Ball Weights

  • Ball Crusher

  • Crown of Thorns

  • Cock Rings

  • Many more items

Nipple Play

  • Clover clamps

  • Weighted Clamps

  • Clothes pins

  • Nipple suction cups

  • Electro chopsticks

Needle Play

How many needles can we stick into one body part? It's an endorphine rush, no different than accupuncture. I want to make you my pin cushion and stick as many needles as I can. Needle play is NOT for everyone, but to some people, it is everything.

Saline Infusion or Inflation

Let's inflate your balls or breasts using saline. Saline diffuses into your body in 24-48 hours but it will temporarily enlarge whatever tissue I inject or infuse it into. Saline inflation can be used to enlarge scrotal tissue around the balls or breast tissue. Giving you large boobs or big balls for 24 hours is amusing and interesting.

Latex Play

Latex hugs your skin like it's made for you. Sensations transcend through it including vibrations and impact play. Latex medical play in an all rubber room enclosed in all rubber bondage will take you to another world. Latex play options include:

  • Latex Rubber Doll Dress Up

  • Latex Sleepsack

  • Latex Vacbed

  • Straitjacket

  • Rubber Bondage including belts, mitts, restraints, gags, hoods, posture collar

  • Gas Mask

  • Backpack breathing tubes with facemask

Milking and Specimen Collection

Venus 2000 is a powerful, relentless male masturbator milking machine that just doesn't quit. It has the capacity to increase the frequency of stroke and tenacity of the suction. The slow rhythmic edging is just as methodical at producing an orgasmic as the fast paced stroking that will make your toes curl. Either way, I get what I want; but it doesn't stop there. Just because you have been milked doesn't mean I am done with you...

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